April 2008

New Thermotronic System Provides Perfect Onboard Environment

Boaters know just how uncomfortable their cabins can get.  They're often too hot, too cold or too humid.  With the innovative Dream from Peltech Marine GEOtronic, boaters will find having the environment that's just right has never been simpler.

Offering unparalleled temperature precision control, the Dream is a high-tech dehumidification/cooling/heating unit suitable for cabins up to 300 cu. ft.  In contact with traditional technology systems, the cooling/heating/dehumidification effect is created with no moving mechanical parts, a unique feature that ensures superior reliability with little if any servicing.  Supplying quiet operation, the advanced system generates no annoying vibration.

Environmentally friendly, the state-of-the-art Dream doesn't use a compressor or coolant gas.  Energy-efficient, it works by exchanging the heat that emanates from the dehumidifying process with sea water to eliminate dampness and heat or cool the air.  

The Dream softly and progressively delivers warm or cool air for a heightened level of comfort.  While providing ideal climate conditions aboard, it also helps preserve the craft's interior by preventing deterioration due to humidity.  Featuring high-performance dehumidification, the sophisticated unit eliminates mold, mildew and odors.

Easy to fit, the compact, 8.3" W x 29.6" H x 7.1" D Dream is available with four installation configurations.  Incredibly versatile, it can be mounted vertically, horizontally or in a hidden space under a bed, in a closet or behind a wall.  The streamlined unit employs a convenient electronic management system, controlled by a user-friendly panel.

Working at 100 percent, the economical Dream consumes just 450 watts.  It is offered in 12 and 24 volt versions.  An AC power supply unit is optional.  The durable system also features an energy-saving control (ESC) and low battery protection.

The first of its kind, the revolutionary Dream from Peltech Marine GEOtronic has a suggested retail price starting at $3,990. 

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