April 2008

Phoenix Power Squadron
Teaching Safety And Having Fun

By  P/C  Ron Werner JN

Ron Werner
PAST COMMANDERS -- In the back from left to right are Past Phoenix Power Squadron Commanders Paul H. Schoonover, Lee Whitehead, Gobie Johnson, James A Hill, William Johnson, Fredrick Drawert, John J. Lusson, Charles E. Peterson, Jane Peterson,  Ron Werner, Doug Frazier, John W. Yount, and Robert W. Schloeman. In the front row are Connie Johnson and Roger Clark. The group recently celebrated at a Lake Pleasant barbecue.

Lands End Inspires at Lake Pleasant for the U.S. Power Squadrons, whose origin traces back to 1914. We strive to teach our Safe Boating Classes; however, we also love to get together with our members both on and off the water.

We recently celebrated our 2008 Past Commanders Barbecue. This event was well attended, and the weather was very co-operative. The Past Commanders did a fine job of serving.

As it turned out, the temperatures were great for the day. We had waterfront property. The water looked almost majestic. It was so beautiful.

We had a nice cliffside spot with beautiful green grass overlooking the water. Many pitched in to help besides the ones who cooked the food and prepared it all. The snacks were plentiful as well as the desserts.

 Several power and sailboats were present to enjoy the near full pool of Lake Pleasant.

Bill J. had to make several trips into town to retrieve needed supplies.  Fortunately, all the trips were completed on Friday. About 50 people enjoyed the activities.

After the great food, we conducted our monthly meeting; then, in the evening we viewed a funny movie — with munchies, of course.

Volunteering is an opportunity to help.  It is a chance to share your talents with people who need help. We are striving to make people better, safer boaters.