April 2008

New AFI Swim Ladder Ideal For Boats With Vertical Transoms

Simple Design Combines Convenience, Easy Access For Swimmers, Boarders, Tubers AFI has introduced a new boarding ladder (Model #67908) specially designed for easy installation and convenient use on boats with vertical transoms.

This new, one-step ladder folds and locks flat against the transom when underway or anytime the ladder is not in use. When deployed for boarding, the ladder extends 12” below the waterline and 5” outward from the transom for easy swimmer access and secure footing on the plastic treads.

The design for this ladder is so simple and functional; it has a patent pending.

In the AFI tradition, this new swim ladder is built from the finest marine-grade materials and is designed to ABYC Specification H-41, which requires all boats with a beam of 3' or wider to have an emergency reboarding system.

The ladder itself is fashioned from sturdy 7/8” stainless steel tubing, while all other metal parts are also made from stainless steel. Hardware to attach the platform to the boat is not included, allowing the boater or boat builder to select the optimum hardware and attachment method for each vessel.

This premium quality construction ensures that AFI’s new swim ladder will be a functional and long-lasting addition to any boat in fresh or salt water.

AFI is a Marinco Electrical Group (MEG) brand. With the combined brand power of Marinco, Ancor, Guest, AFI, Nicro and BEP, the Marinco Electrical Group is the leading supplier of electrical products and accessories to the marine industry.

Boat builders specify MEG brand products and MEG brand products are available at leading marine retailers and dealers worldwide.

For more information about the new AFI Model #67908 Swim Ladder for 2007, or any of the company’s marine power management products, contact the Marinco Electrical Group at 2655 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558. Telephone: (707) 226-9600. Or visit www.marinco.com.