April 2007

Adobe Mountain: A Worthy Cause

Offered By La Frontera, UNM Press


If you do any online shopping and you want to help out a worthy cause, go to www.igive.com and register. 

Then, every time you go to a participating vendor (for example, Bass Pro, and a ton more) they will donate a percentage of your order to the charity you chose when you signed up. 

I chose Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center. That's where they rescue and rehabilitate native animals in Arizona.  They have only one paid employee and all the rest are volunteers. 

They also accept any fish or game that you have and don't want, so if you catch a bunch of stripers or carp, take them to Adobe Mountain and they'll feed them to the eagles and other animals. 

The center is on I-17 right by the Juvenile Detention Center.  Go to www.azgfd.gov to find out more about them.

Margie Anderson