April 2007

Corner For Kids

ĎA River Runs Through Ití

By Caroline McWilliams

The River Clyde runs through Glasgow, Scotland. Its sources are the Daer Water and the Portrail River.

The Clyde brought most of Glasgow’s business in the 19th century. Cotton and tobacco were imported from the United States, and this trade helped establish the wealth of the city.

Ship building was important to the city in the 20th century and before. Some of the most famous boats in the world were built on the River Clyde, including Waverly, which is a paddle steam boat and the only one left in Scotland.

Next to and near the Clyde are a number of sites that visitors enjoy:

  • the Glasgow Science Centre with changing exhibits,
  • the Armadillo, a theatre/show hall, and more;
  • the BBC headquarters in Scotland,
  • Glasgow University,
  • the Yorkhill Children’s Hospital-Healthcare for children,
  • several schools, including St. Aloysius College, which has won two architectural awards;
  • St. Mungo’s Cathedral, and
  • many city shops.

Under the River Clyde is a tunnel called the Clyde Tunnel; there are many bridges, and you can row on the river. The last time the river froze was in the early 1980s, and it hasn’t frozen since.

Sometimes the water level rises, but apart from that, the Clyde is really peaceful and fun. If you are ever in Glasgow, I suggest that you visit some of the sites mentioned – especially St. Aloysius College, which is my school.

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