April 2007

San Diego Is Home To Many Wounded Troops

By Bob Zimmerman

President, WTOT

Besides being an outstanding recreational destination, San Diego is also home to many wounded service men and women as they recover at Balboa Naval Medical Center. One organization that has been particularly active in honoring and recognizing the service or our men and women is We Thank Our Troops, Inc. (WTOT).

WTOT events are produced for our nation’s wounded warriors. They served their nation proudly in the defense of freedom, carrying on a tradition of more than 200 years of combined efforts by all of our nation’s Armed Forces, affectionately referred to as our nation’s troops.

WTOT is committed to an ongoing program of events thanking these special American Heroes for their service to our country in the defense of freedom.

WTOT Programs For The Troops

During and in the course of the past 18 months, WTOT has established, "The WTOT Karen Rontowski Comedy Library" at San Diego's Balboa Naval Medical Center/Medical Hold Platoon. The library consists of CDs and DVDs donated by America's Comedians; troops check them in and out just as they would with books at the neighborhood library.

Karen Rontowski is a nationally known comedienne and a strong supporter of our troops. She came to WTOT wanting to do something for the troops; thus the “WTOT/Karen Rontowski Comedy Library for the Troops” was born.

WTOT Medical Services was established in June 2006. Wounded Marines are now receiving, free of charge and by medical professionals, second opinions, and/or specially needed therapies in their personal mission to achieve recovery.

WTOT also offers "Care Package" services for our nation’s troops in harm’s way in the war on terror.

Please visit the WTOT Web site www.WTOT.org if you wish to donate, write a letter to any wounded troop C/O WTOT, or if you might wish to sponsor an event for up to 50 wounded troops.

At the present time, sponsorship events are produced locally in the San Diego area, home to more than 150,000 of our nation’s Armed Forces. Our wounded heroes who are being treated at San Diego’s Balboa Naval Medical Center come from all corners of America; San Diego is their home away from home while they are in recovery.

Thank you for your interest in WTOT and special thanks for caring about our troops. If you need more information, please contact President Bob Zimmerman at bzsandiego@aol.com or phone toll free (800) 460-4925.