April 2007

San Diego’s Port Tenants Association

Serves Big Bay Businesses, Tourism

Not always known to San Diego visitors is the organization called San Diego Port Tenants Association (SDPTA). However, much of the success of San Diego as a tourist attraction and the growth of local businesses can be attributed to this active, sometimes behind-the-scenes association.

Its committees meet often and work in partnership with the Port of San Diego to create solutions for tidelands’ challenges to produce a win-win outcome. Some examples follow:

Marketing Committee

The purpose of this group is to create new opportunities for growth. In 2006, the second edition of Big Bay Bonus Card was developed; it urges visitors to save 11 percent at Port tenant businesses. Also created were Big Bay maps. And, a special documentary on the history of San Diego Bay was completed; the DVDs can be purchased through the Maritime Museum.

Environmental Committee

This committee advises the Board of Port Commissioners on programs, policies, and projects that would ensure the protection and improvement of the environmental condition of San Diego Bay and surrounding tidelands.

Real Estate Committee

This past year the committee made recommendations to the Board of Port Commissioners to investigate the possibility of  Equity Share Units on State Tidelands with the Coastal and State Lands Commissions.

Marine Industrial/ Working Waterfront Group

The working waterfront is a thriving hub of industry and commerce along San Diego Bay. The businesses, primarily industrial, focus on manufacturing products, transporting goods and services, and designing, building and repairing ships.

This group has been working vigorously to enhance San Diego’s working waterfront as a vital part of the region’s economy and quality of life.  The other critical issue for this committee is to look for new maritime opportunities amid pressures by outside forces to utilize this area for non-maritime uses such as a Charger Stadium.  They have worked hard on keeping non-maritime uses off the Port property.

Marine Recreation Committee

This committee works closely with the Harbor Police regarding all marine-recreation issues as well the Port’s Environmental Department regarding all boat, boatyard and marina-related issues.   

Public Art Committee

This committee oversees scenic tree removal and placement on the Port’s public parks.

North Embarcadero Committee

There are many new projects being planned in this area such as Lane Field, the Cruise Ship Building, and the Broadway Complex, which is adjacent to other Port properties.

Port With No Borders Scholarship Committee

This committee oversees the scholarship program that is open to San Diego Port tenants, sub-tenants, and Port of San Diego employees and their children who are residents of San Diego County.