June 2006

APRA Focuses On Open Space

‘Get It, Use It, Keep It’

The Arizona Parks and Recreation Association (APRA), with the support of Arizona State Parks, recently presented at Arizona State University the sixth annual Conference on Open Space with a focus on the theme: "Get It, Use It, Keep It."

Building on the successes of previous events, and with renewed purpose and direction, this year's conference, held May 22, was a comprehensive, well attended, and valuable meeting on practical, hands-on open-space issues. 

Open space continues to be an important economic, social, and environmental issue for citizens of the Southwest. 

Attendees explored what can be done to protect and manage what exists and considered ways they could be part of future solutions.

Speakers included luncheon keynote Shauna Kerr, state director for Arizona and Utah from The Trust for Public Land. 

Other speakers discussed such diverse topics as Hyper Growth Development, Natural Spaces and Sustainability, Land Asset Management, Trail Development of the Arizona and Maricopa Trails, and Development Management for Open Space.

This was a critical training and networking event for all parks and recreation professionals as well as land foundation staff, city managers, environmental groups, planners, developers, and conservation enthusiasts.

It was also important for professionals’ seeking support for preserving natural areas and acquiring and managing the state's open spaces.

For information about Arizona State Parks call (602) 542-4174; outside of the Phoenix metro area, call toll-free (800) 285-3703) or visit the Web site at www.azstateparks.com.