June 2006

AZBW News Breaks June 21, 2006

Oak Creek Shuttles for Residents

Flagstaff, AZ –   The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office will coordinate temporary shuttles to bring residents into their homes in Oak Creek Canyon. 

Residents will be allowed approximately 10 minutes to retrieve reasonable items from their homes. 

Persons requesting shuttle to their home can go to either roadblock on Hwy 89A:  north end at the Oak Creek Canyon Overlook, south end at Red Rock Lodge. 

Please be prepared to advise officers of the items you plan to retrieve. 

Residents will be driven to their homes in an authorized vehicle. 

Residents will be allowed to retrieve a vehicle out of the Canyon. 

If a request to enter the evacuated area or retrieve items is unreasonable, public safety officials have the right to deny the request. 

Shuttles will be offered during daylight hours. 

If fire conditions change, shuttling may be terminated. 

Please keep in mind that public safety is our primary concern. 


Emergency Operation Center – Call Center                               928-679-4174 or 4175


Fire Information/Forest Closure Information Center                   928-226-4601


Red Cross Evacuation Centers                                                  Sedona             928-220-2186 or 2189

                                                                                                Flagstaff           928-699-0800