March 2007

Easy Spray Cleaner Cuts Grease

When engine maintenance jobs get messy, boaters can use Safe-T-Solve to help clean up.  From Iosso Products, Safe-T-Solve is a fast-acting cleaner in a convenient spray bottle.

  Heavy grease and oil are no match for Safe-T-Solve.  But it also works on salt residue, adhesives and glue so it can tackle the clean up for a variety of maritime jobs.

 Because it contains corrosion inhibitors, metal parts won’t get damaged during cleaning.  And boaters who trailer their craft to enjoy time on the water in various places can use Safe-T-Solve to remove dried bugs and tar without damaging the finish.

  Safe-T-Solve is a tough water-based, non-petroleum cleaner with a high flash point and low VOC.  Since the spray is biodegradable, boaters can feel comfortable knowing they aren’t harming aquatic plants and animals by using it.

  Cleaning with Safe-T-Solve is a snap, too.  Users simply spray solution directly on items to be cleaned or dip items to be cleaned, and finish by rinsing with clean water or wiping with a clean cloth.

 Iosso Products has been supplying innovative and environmentally friendly products to the outdoor and RV markets for over 25 years.

A 32 ounce spray of Safe-T-Solve has a retail price of $15.25 and $27.51 for a gallon.

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove, IL 60007.  Phone: (847) 437-8400; Web site: