March 2007

Way To Go!

Hale’s Marine Proudly Presents JetPac

It’s a major new innovation in marine technology. The JetPac water jet-propulsion system is a self-contained, jet-propulsion unit that utilizes patented technology, is simple in design, yet boasts significant improvements over prior existing technologies.

And, it’s available at Hale’s Marine in Phoenix. In fact, Ed Hale has carried the JetPac for over a year and is exuberant about its capabilities and qualities.

The JetPac is a complete package (i.e., engine, battery, fuel) in itself and comes with steering cable and control box. And, it does away with the prop outdrive, costly maintenance, has no impeller, no trim and tilt.

Further, the JetPac replaces an outboard or IO, and its buoyancy actually enhances acceleration and performance.

It is an affordable way to get either diesel power or high-performance gas power and is designed for those who use their boats in practical ways — fishermen and family. The JetPac is practical for many craft: from rigid-hull inflatables to houseboats — just about every kind of boat, except large, non-planing vessels.

A real plus, according to Hale, is that if the JetPac breaks loose, it floats. It can be replaced with a new unit in about half an hour.

The JetPac is available in 150 or 200 hp diesel and in 275 or 300 hp gas. Its completely enclosed DZ Hull design (“Draft Zero”) is a specially engineered fiberglass hull that results in controlled positive buoyancy for rapid planning and precise handling at all speeds.

Hale suggests that people buy a boat without a motor, then order the JetPac from Hale’s Marine. Customers need to specify cable length and color.

Because it is a custom order, not a stock item, boaters should allow two weeks for delivery. Hale’s Marine will then install and warranty the JetPac.

For more information, contact Ed Hale at Hale’s Marine: (623) 879-7236.