May 2006

Tournament Results For Mid-March Through Mid-April 2006

Compiled By Margie Anderson

WON Bass

Jim Hood of Phoenix won the WON Bass Pro-Am on Lake Pleasant on April 8-9. Hood took home $1,825 for his 30.12-pound bag, which included a 5.06-pound big fish.

WON Bass Lake Powell:

Gus Hines and Jack Robinson bested the field in the WON Bass team tournament on March 18 at Lake Powell (Bullfrog). They had five fish for 16.48 pounds, including their 4.2-pound big bass. The pair pocketed $895.

On March 19, Brent Lake and Todd Grambo weighed in five fish for 16.34 pounds and won $1,320 at the WON Bass team tournament at Lake Powell (Bullfrog). Their big fish was 5.08 pounds.

The Bullfrog Lake Powell WON Bass team tournament on April 8 was won by Rodney and Gage Hurst. The pair brought 16.9 pounds to the scales and split $740 for their efforts. Big fish was 6.10 pounds.

On April 9, Jim and Jackie Bishop won the WON Bass team tournament at Lake Powell with a five-fish sack that totaled 14.78 pounds, including their 4.56-pound big fish. The pair netted $1,365.

Paul Reutlinger (801) 569-0146

Anglers’ Choice (

Colorado River Region (teams)

Danny Locatis and Jeff Rutt weighed five fish for 23.35 pounds to win the March 25 Anglers Choice team tournament at Havasu. They earned $3,980 for their win.

April 15: Mead-Callville

Vern Price: (702) 896-1198

Southern Colorado River Region Schedule (teams)

Bob Horn and Jayson Kisselburg won $2,670 at Havasu on April 1 for five fish that weighed 18.21 pounds.

Tom and Barbara Phegley: (928) 854-8028

Pro-Am, Region 2 (Southwest)

Some big money was paid out at the Anglers Choice Pro-Am tournament at Lake Mead March 17 - 18. Pro Kevin Wiggins took home $36,500 for a first-place total of 29.61 pounds. On the am side, Matt Warner weighed a two-day total of 29.29 pounds to win $1,250.

Vern Price (contact info above) for information on Pro-Ams

FLW Stren Series (

Western Division Schedule (Pro-Ams)

Mark Meddock won the FLW Stren Series Western Division tournament at Lake Shasta (Calif.) on March 29. Meddock ended up on top after a four-day tournament, and took home $10,000 PLUS a Ranger boat, motor, and trailer. Meddock weighed 9 pounds the first day and 15.05 the second day to make the cut. On days three and four his10-fish total was 24.04 pounds.

All Star And Best Bet Tournaments

On March 18, the All Star Couples tournament was won by Gary and Kathy Senft who toughed it out in 40 mph wind gusts to catch a six-fish limit that totaled 13.60 pounds. They took home $2,300 for their efforts. Gary and Kathy fished drop-shot rigs with Oxblood and Morning Dawn finesse worms in 8-10 feet of water in Humbug and Cole’s Bay.

Jeff Allen of Flagstaff and Leroy Price of Claypool won the All Star Team tournament on April 8 at Roosevelt. Allen and Price fished the Salt arm with Texas-rigged soft jerkbaits and lizards in brush up to 20 feet deep, along with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. They had a six-fish limit for 18.27 pounds, including a 3.54-ounce big fish. Allen and Price split $3,650 for their win.

Arizona Bass Fishing Tournaments (ABF) (

Dave Mehalechko and Justin Locatis won the April 1 tournament at Pleasant with 18.32 pounds, including an 8.4-pound big fish kicker. Mehalechko actually fished alone that day, and he caught all his fish sight-fishing. He won $7,000.

American Bass (ABA) (

Southern Division, Central Arizona Region schedule (teams)

On March 18, Josh Bertrand and Justin Thompson won the ABA at Bartlett with 15.31 pounds, including their 5.18-pound big fish. The pair took home $1470.

Director: Rich Stringer (623) 853-0440

Colorado River teams

March 18: Havasu / Windsor Beach Ramp: Information not available

Director: Jim Kirkwood (928) 681-3449

Lake Powell

Bill Zeglin and Jeff Schuld weighed 14.86 pounds to win the March 25 ABA at Lake Powell. They won $994.

On March 26, Steve Van Ooteghem Sr. and Steve Van Ooteghem II brought 15.6 pounds to the scale to win the ABA at Powell and pocketed $1,040.

Joshua and Charlie Dix won the April 8 ABA at Lake Powell with 12.43 pounds for five fish. The pair fished natural-colored lures in bushes on shallow flats uplake, and netted $800 for their win.

Mike and Tami Jennings took first place at the Lake Powell ABA on April 09, catching a 14.55-pound limit on green finesse lures. They sight-fished around rocks mid-lake, and took home $1047.

Director: Brad Henningsen (928) 645-3483

Yuma, AZ (teams)

Jim Waits and John Turner weighed 24.21 pounds at Fisher’s Landing on March 25 to win the ABA tournament and take home $992. Their big fish was 6.34 pounds.

Director: Dave Willhide (928) 782-2621

Monterey Bass (

Randy at (602) 679-9979 for details.

MBC Teams

On March 18 at Lake Pleasant, Delaney Dwyer and Dave Pusateri won the MBC teams with 13.76 pounds. They took home $2,742.

The father-son team of Robert Jones and Robert Jones Jr. Won the MBC teams at Bartlett on April 8 with a sack that weighed 12.57 pounds. They cashed checks totaling $2,559.


The April 15 MBC Pro-Am at Lake Pleasant was won by pro Larry Landgren and his amateur partner Bruce Rains. They pair brought 15.61 pounds to the scales, and Larry had the Big Fish on the Pro side at 6.33 pounds. Landgren took home $954 and Rains won $606. They were sight-fishing.

The MBC Couples Tournaments are held in parallel with ProAms, but couples compete against other couples only. On April 15 at Pleasant, the team of Richard and Josephine Rojas fished bushes and points in the creeks and river and brought 12.62 pounds to the scales for the win. Their pre-spawn pattern netted them $828.