September 2006

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Lake Pleasant Sailing Club: Sailing Arizona For Almost 30 Years

By Jan Anderson
Membership Director

"In the desert?!" Wherever we travel throughout the United States, I muse at this reaction when I tell people that we are from Arizona where we belong to a sailing club. For the out-of stater, visitor, or newly arrived, the desert doesn’t seem a likely place to find avid sailors, but sailing here is a popular boating activity, as anyone who frequents our Arizona lakes can observe.

What a picture! Those beautiful sails against a backdrop of blue, sparkling water and lovely purple-shaded mountains make for a dramatic, unforgettable image.

Lake Pleasant Sailing Club has been around since 1977, long before Lake Pleasant assumed its present size. At that time, the founders felt a need for a cruising, educational, and social club for sailboaters.

The club’s first sailing event was a cruise to Santa Catalina Island. Just four boats participated. In recent years, up to 40 boats or more have participated in sailing events in and out of state.

Currently, there are about 90 memberships, representing over 175 individuals, whose boats range in size from 15 feet to 43 feet. Families, singles, youngsters, and oldsters alike enjoy each other’s company through their shared love of sailing.

The club’s focus on safety and seamanship promotes responsible boating practices, and many of our younger sailors have developed excellent sailing skills as they, while growing up, have participated in sailing events with their parents and other club members.

As you might guess, the majority of LPSC sailing activities are enjoyed on beautiful Lake Pleasant. Throughout the year, weekend events such as the Sweethearts’ Cruise, Presidents’ Day Cruise, Cinco de Mayo Raft-up, Pirates’ Cruise, and New Year’s Eve Cruise are held on our namesake.

However, the club also sponsors opportunities to sail in other locations including California, Mexico, and the BVI, and many a club member will be happy to share their adventures with you.

Sailing certainly inspires the imagination, and for a few of our current and former club members, the dream of cruising has become reality. They have been able to set out to live their dreams by sailing to far-off ports like the Bahamas, Tobago, and Trinidad on their own boats.

In addition to our sailing events, off-water activities provide opportunities for members and their families to learn and socialize. General membership meetings are held

every other month.

At these meetings, members or guest speakers frequently present informational talks or demonstrations that highlight topics of interest to our members. Other social activities include an annual wine-tasting party, pancake breakfast, ice cream social, and holiday party.

If you have a sailboat and would like to share your interest in sailing with other sailors, check us out on the Web at You’ll find lots of information about the club, photos of events, and a list of contact numbers for the LPSC Board Members who will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have.