September 2006

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My Trip To Lo Lo Mai Springs

Corner For Kids

By Kelsee Haws

On Aug.11-13 I went to Lo Lo Mai Springs (between Sedona and Cottonwood).

I played in Oak Creek with my new friend Brandon. Brandon also taught me to fish "old-style" with a cane pole and some line — just as in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

My grandpa Mike also took me fishing; he taught me how to cast and reel with my brand-new FisherGirl fishing pole (from Darla McDowell). Although we had no luck fishing, I had fun just the same.

We also went to Honanki Ruins just outside Sedona. Our tour guide showed us some ancient Indian ruins and told us why the dwellings were built underneath the ledges of cliffs.

This was in order to protect the people from the rain and the elements. Their fires that kept them warm were also protected. The guide also showed us petroglyphs.

The last day we visited the Page Springs Fish Hatchery, and we got to feed rainbow trout and other kinds of fish, and we learned how fish adapted to their surroundings.

This is just a part of my wonderful and fun trip to Lo Lo Mai Springs with my mom, Aunt Chelle, and Grandpa Mike and Grandma Max.

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