December 2006

Local Art Students Band Together To Help A Charity

Catch The Commotion

Call For Volunteers In All Aspects Of Boat Restoration

Photo by Art Institute Of Phoenix

THE  CREW -- "Rock the Boat" (aka "Old Boat, New Boat") has a crew ready for the promotion and production of the refurbishing of two old boats: a 1952 43-foot Chris-Craft bay cruiser and a 1981 Chris-Craft Scorpion cuddy cabin.

Profits from the auction of the boats will be donated to a charity, to be decided soon.

Ready for the voyage are, left to right: Jana Young, senior project manager; Keith Bennett, academic director, and Doug Wynn, academic director.

A project is in the works between The Art Institute of Phoenix and Arizona Boating & Watersports to restore a 43-foot, 1952 Chris-Craft tri-cabin bay cruiser. Students from The Art Institute of Phoenix are working in part with Jim and Carol Allen of AZBW in order to help restore this piece of history while still helping out a nonprofit organization.

All of the production, advertising, marketing concepts, graphic design work, and video production is being donated by students of The Art Institute of Phoenix. These students are working under the guidance of the Advertising and Graphic Design Academic Director Keith Bennett and the Digital Media Production, Interactive Media Design, and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Academic Director Doug Wynn.

They will be filming the restoration of the bay cruiser in hopes of their production’s being picked up by a network as either a documentary or national television series. At the end of the restoration, the bay cruiser will be auctioned or raffled, and all of the proceeds will go to a charity, which has not yet been determined.

The Allens have donated the boat and are currently securing the craftsmen and materials needed for the restoration of the bay cruiser.

The design team has named the boat AI Phoenix, and the show, "Rock the Boat." Within a few weeks the bay cruiser will be moved from San Diego Bay to Hale’s Marine in Phoenix.

A production team from The Art Institute of Phoenix will travel to San Diego and film this historic bay cruiser’s being taken out of the water and shipped to Phoenix. This trip is just the beginning of the cruiser’s journey ahead, and the production team will be there throughout it all to catch it on tape for all to see.

The production will take about a year and has a scheduled unveiling planned for the end of 2008.

Currently, the marketing team of students at The Art Institute of Phoenix is contacting TV networks and national charity organizations to see what kind of interest they may have in this project.

The senior project manger on the project is senior Jana Young, with secondary mangers seniors Leia Tiedeman, and Sheena Davis. The design team is currently working on the logo for the boat and the show, as well as advertisements for this show. This class effort is lead by Lynn Bryan, who is guided by Professor Peter Halifax.

Not only are these students helping out a charity, but also they are learning skills in teamwork. Senior Jana Young said, "I am learning more about organization and teamwork ethics with this project."

The Art Institute of Phoenix opens its doors to many projects in order to give students real-world experience. This project is giving all majors from animation to culinary real-world experience as well as a chance to work on this educational and exciting endeavor.

The boat will be moved shortly, which begins the filming and these students’ long journey towards helping a charitable organization, so keep your eyes open for more updates on how this project is coming along and how you can help Arizona Boating & Watersports along with The Art Institute of Phoenix with this great opportunity.

Editor’s Note: If you know marine electronics, have electrician’s experience, are a carpenter or a painter, know about finishing decks and hulls, are familiar with marine canvas or decor, can sand or paint or just would like to help in any way, please contact Jim Allen at or call him at (480) 947-6219.