Latitudes & Attitudes Survives The Fire


Latitudes & Attitudes Survives The FireSeven days ago the California Bear Fire was approaching the Latitudes & Attitudes headquarters located on the Bitchin Ranch in what was once beautiful Downtown Berry Creek.

Unfortunately, they lost everything. Latitudes & Attitudes is now being remotely operated out of their backpacks in their hotel room. Thankfully, the publication’s staff’s “remote offices” have not burned down and are helping to pick up the slack. There is good news, though: The magazine will be on time for the winter issue!

Oh, and it is a very special issue, with two complete magazines. The Latitudes & Attitudes Winter Christmas/Chartering Special Issue, and a separate magazine titled International Boat Show Spectacular, which we are creating to help those who wanted to go to the boat shows but were unable to due to the pandemic.

Editor’s Note:We are thankful that, although his home and office were burned down in California’s Bear Fire, Bob Bitchin and his family are safe, and the popular publication Latitudes & Attitudes will be on time for their winter issue. Wish them the best at


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