August 2006

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Lakeracer L.L.C., Troops Now & Tomorrow

Letter To The Editor

Provide Special Memories For Marine Kris Taylor

When Kris Taylor was in the hospital as a result of a brain tumorís bursting, I was contacted by a friend of mine Max Beerup, asking me to rally moral support and prayers for Kris and his family. 

I operate Troops Now & Tomorrow, Inc. in support of our deployed military troops in harmís way.  As a result, I have a lot of friends all across our great nation who support our troops, both deployed and stateside. 

Together, all of my friends and I began sending supportive cards, letters, care packages, and prayers to Kris. The support meant the world to Kris. Kris is a true Marine; his strength and faith are amazingly strong.

 The 2005 Desert Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., honored my project and our troops by generously donating to our organization in support of our wounded and deployed troops. In preparation for the 2006 Desert Poker Run, Jim Nichols of Lakeracer L.L.C. contacted me to once again provide support and to ask if I was able to get some troops home from Iraq to host at the 2006 event. 

My first thought was Kris will love this and if he's able, I'm sure he'd love to attend.  We contacted his superiors and were very pleased to hear their approval for leave and attending the event. 

I then called my own son's Marine's Family Readiness Officer to ask if he could also send some Marines for a wonderful liberty weekend. Again, leave approved and as a result, they sent five awesome Marines who picked up Kris up at the hospital and brought him to us. 

(My own son's unit is currently deployed; he is on his third tour.)

  The Marines who attended were left at the base to prepare for leaving the Marine Corps as they were finishing their four-year commitment.  Many of these Marines who attended are Marines to whom we've sent care packages during previous deployments.

The bonds of adopting our deployed troops can often result in extended family friendships, more heartwarming than imaginable, and this certainly was the case with all the Marines who attended the event.

 Kris and the other Marines were treated in grand style!  Desert Poker Run participants provided boat rides, Lakeracer L.L.C. hosted their hotel room, dinners, and more! 

I tried to prepare the Marines for more fun than they could imagine, but there are really not enough words to describe the experience well enough. When they saw the immense support and were treated to the experience of a lifetime, their faces and hearts had never been so thrilled. 

They all were speechless for hours after their days on the lake.  Kris was the latest getting back; I did begin to worry about him. 

But, seeing his bright shining smile when he finally arrived back from his long day on the lake was enough to thrill me. The stories of their experiences and joy were filled with amazement and incredible happiness. 

All the Marines could utter for hours was "awesome!"

 Shortly after Kris returned to the hospital, he became ill again.  After tests and MRIs they discovered Kris's cancer had returned and was attacking his spine. 

He's a fighter with strong Texan spirit.  He's touched and motivated by all the support he's receiving. 

He's currently being treated at MD Anderson, a very well-known and highly respected cancer hospital.  He's still in very good spirits and remaining strong with fond memories of a wonderful weekend on Lake Havasu ó thanks to 2006 Desert Poker Run participants and Lakeracer LLC.

And a note from Jim Nichols of Lakeracer L.L.C. reports that "over $7,000 was raised for our designated charity organization ó Troops Now & Tomorrow. They can be reached for information or donations by calling Karen Gill at (928) 208-7641[or at (928) 505-6338]. Her work touches many individuals in the Armed Services and deserves all our support."

Karen Gill

Lake Havasu City, Ariz.