April 2006

New Product

These Sunglasses Float

At the recent International Sportsmenís Expo, AZBW was introduced to a new product that could significantly benefit fishermen, boaters, kayakers, sailors, RVers, or anyone outdoors ó especially when near or on the water.

The new product is JKruz Floating Polarized Sunglasses. Yes, floating. These glasses were definitely designed with the angler and boater in mind.

According to the JKruz people, there will never be a worry about dropping glasses in the water again because, if you do, youíll see them floating, and you can retrieve them.

The glasses, conforming to BSEN 14139:2002, give full protection against the harmful effects of sunlight and natural UV rays. Their UV400 rating is one of the highest in the industry and distinguishes high-quality sunglasses from cheaper versions.

Fishermen have reported increased ability to see underwater structures and spot fish, not to mention less eyestrain and fatigue. At 5/8 ounce, the glasses are light and easy on the nose ridge.

Further, the lenses and frames are polycarbonate to make them very durable and flexible.

For more information, call Tom Elmore at (623) 229-1774 or e-mail him at tom@shades-a-risin.com or call Kevin Elmore at (623) 466-5984 or e-mail him at Kevin@shades-a-risin.com.

Editorís Note: As with any new product review, the information is presented for reader interest only and does not necessarily constitute an AZBW endorsement.