September 2006

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In Her Memory

In the May issue of Arizona Boating & Watersports Margie Anderson honored her mother Betty Bellanger, who died in March at 74, with a tribute to her long involvement with kids who needed community help.

 "Betty's Kids" are still being taken care of, and donations may be sent in Betty Bellanger's memory to

Betty's Kids
18631 N. 19 Ave., #158-149
Phoenix, AZ, 85027.

In August, Bellanger was honored again with the Sloan Award for Valor.

The Sloan Award is a national award given to four people a year who have worked to make their community a better place.

It's named after Nicholas Sloan, a St. Louis police officer who was killed in the line of duty.

His parents were at Margie Anderson's table during a lunch meeting of the Law Enforcement Convention, as was the U.S. Attorney General. Anderson says,

" It makes me glad that people aren't forgetting her."