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Indulge At The Rennaisance Festival’s Pleasure Feast


Would you  like a seat at the most exclusive event within the Faire — The Pleasure Feast?  You are invited for food, fools, and frivolity. Don’t miss this incredibly delicious and wildly raucous Pleasure Feast!

Choose a date from March 3 through 31, and come revel with us.  The parking is free. (No pets, please.)

Savor five courses of fine foods and ample drynk, served with a side order of live entertainment and Festival souvenirs. Be treated like royalty as the King’s kitchen and the boisterous serving wenches dish up a roaring good time. Limited seating twice daily makes this the most exclusive event at the Festival

The Feast Hall has assigned seating. If you would like to sit next to your friends/co-workers and/or group members, we would need to know in advance of your Feast date.

Here’s how:

Please be aware that the Pleasure Feast contains suggestive and risque humor.

The Fairhaven Feast Hall is also available for private events.

For more information, visit http://arizona.renfestinfo.com/the-pleasure-feast/