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Great Gear For The Outdoors

It’s Not Too Early To Start On Your Gift List


Outdoor types love gear, so if you have some outdoorsy folks on your list this year, here are some awesome gift ideas.

Revomax Vacuum Insulated Flask

Revomax flasks will keep your drinks ice cold for up to 36 hours, or hot
for up to 18.

Regardless of what you do for fun outdoors, water is essential. The Revomax flask will keep your beverages hot for up to 18 hours, cold for up to 36. They come in beautiful vivid colors, and the lids don’t screw on — you just press the quick release buttons on the cap, which you can even do one-handed if you need to. To close it, just slide the cap back in and pull the safety ring.  A green safety button pops up to let you know you’re sealed and leak-proof. These would be great for school or work, too. The 12-ounce is $29.99 and the 20-ounce is $34.99. Check them out at revomax.com.

Lucid Amped Bluetooth Neckband

These LucidAMPED Bluetooth earbuds let you choose the level of sound from
your audio source as well as from the environment around you. You can event
amplify the sounds around you – excellent for birders!

This is seriously the best set of Bluetooth earbuds ever. I don’t know how they do it, but these Lucid AMPED earbuds recognize bad sounds and cut them down to size, but they allow you to hear what’s going on around you (conversations, birds, etc.). If you choose to, you can even have the outside sound amplified up to nine times — great for birders.

These LucidAMPED Bluetooth earbuds let you choose the level of sound from
your audio source as well as from the environment around you. You can event
amplify the sounds around you – excellent for birders!

When you wear these, it’s almost as if you’re listening to the stereo in your house — you can have a conversation without having to remove them, but you can hear your music perfectly. Since they are Bluetooth, you aren’t tethered to your mp3 player or phone, giving you much more freedom of movement. You can adjust the amount of outside noise as well, so if you don’t want any of it in, it’s your choice. They are $129 and worth every cent. See them at lucidaudio.com.

Sol Pocket Survival Pak Plus

SOL= Survive Outdoors Longer. They have a variety of excellent survival
kits tailored for your needs.

This survival kit was designed by the Executive Director of the Equipped to Survive Foundation and has just about everything you need to survive outdoors if you get lost or stranded. It includes tools, water purification tabs, signaling devices, fire making supplies and more. It’s $80 and you can see what’s inside at surviveoutdoorslonger.com. They have several other kits as well, including the Traverse, which is only $20, yet covers shelter, fire, and signaling — so check it out.

National Parks Wall Calendar

They’ll think of you every time they glance at this useful and beautiful calendar. The illustrations are sort of retro, and at 10 x 13 inches, it offers plenty of space to keep your days organized. It’s just $29.99 and you can get it at andersondesigngroupstore.com.

This National Parks calendar will give 12 months of joy.

Atn Binox-hd 4-16x Digital Binoculars

Okay, at $479, this is a total splurge, but wait til you see what these babies do. These binoculars are not only state of the art when it comes to optics, they also have night-vision mode and they can record images (stills and video) in 1920×1080 full HD and play back on an HD TV. A gyroscope steadies your view and the GPS and altimeter let you geo-tag your location and help you navigate. They are also rugged and weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about trashing your investment. Find out more about these incredible binoculars at atncorp.com.

Cairn Monthly Subscription

The CAIRN outdoor-gear subscription is a gift that keeps on giving month
after month. These three boxes show you the kinds of gear you can expect.

They call it “Outdoor Inspiration Delivered Monthly”. For $22/month, you receive a monthly box containing three-to-six amazing outdoor products, up to a $50 value each month. Shipping is free, and the items can be gear, apparel such as socks, gloves, or beanies, food, skin care, or even emergency and medical supplies. Half the fun is the surprise. You can sign up for $25 on a monthly basis, $135 for 6 months, or $260 for a full 12 months of delightful outdoor gear surprises. They renew automatically, but you can cancel anytime. Giving a subscription as a gift is easy; just click the “give as a gift” button! Go to getcairn.com to sign up.

Flatpack Portable Grill & Firepit

The Flatpack portable grill is ideal for both camping and the back yard
or terrace.

This is one handy grill that you can use at home or out on a camping trip. It’s small enough for a backpacking trip, too. Takes just 30 seconds to set up — just unfold it and put the grills on top. The base is nice and stable, and the sides help break the wind, while the ends are vented to keep the flames going. This little gem is only $39.99, too, so it’s a pretty inexpensive way to thrill your outdoorsman. Get it at ucogear.com.

Weego 44

The Weego 44 will not only jumpstart your car or boat, it also doubles
as a powerful flashlight and will charge your electronics as well.

Absolutely nothing is worse than being miles from the dock and discovering that your starting battery is dead. Seriously, the only thing worse is being right in the middle of filming a fantastic adventure and having your phone die in the middle of it. All such disasters are easily avoided by keeping a Weego portable power station with you. The new Weego 44 is compact and incredibly simple to use. It will jump start anything you’ve got, plus it will charge your phones, tablets, laptops, etc. It also functions as a pro-grade 500 lumen LED flashlight. These things are the best. The price is right, too — just $149 for peace of mind on the road and on the water. You can see all of the incredible Weego products at myweego.com.

Garmont Trail Beast GTX Hiking Shoes

Garmont Trail Best shoes are the best hiking shoes I’ve ever worn.

These are seriously the best hiking shoes I’ve ever worn. They are good-looking, very light weight, and have a Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry when the trail gets wet. They are perfect for hiking rough ground all day long, but they look nice enough to wear in town, too. The tread — Vibram outsole with MegaGrip compound — is aggressive enough to keep you on safe footing no matter what terrain you’re in, and they are incredibly comfortable and stable. I just love these. They come in three colors and cost $170. If you are a serious hiker, you should definitely give these a try. Buy them at garmontnorthamerica.com.

The Bushcraft Field Guide To Trapping, Gathering & Cooking In The Wild By Dave Canterbury

This Bushcraft book covers all the basics and then some.

This is a great book for any outdoors person. Starting with the basics of what to bring with you into the wild, Canterbury goes into various ways of building a fire, finding foods that are easy to prepare, cooking in the wild, hunting and trapping, butchering, and even how to make tools and utensils. There are color photographs of common and easy-to-find edible plants, and even recipes for game and foraged foods. I especially loved the section on unconventional fuels and fuel tabs, and how to make a stove. This book will delight any Boy or Girl Scout as well as any survivalist or outdoorsman. I absolutely recommend this book, and at $16.99, it’s a total bargain. On Amazon, you can buy this book, plus Bushcraft 101 and Advanced Bushcraft for just $30.62!

Fusion Stereoactive

This purpose-built floating portable watersports stereo was just selected as the “Coolest Product of the Show” in the paddlesports-accessory category at the 2016 Global Paddlesports Trade Show in Germany. The Fusion has built-in Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM radio with weatherband, USB audio playback and charging for smartphones, and is protected in a rugged housing with a unique Puck mount system that lets you attach it to any paddleboard, kayak, boat, or even a hot tub. It also has incorporated the ActiveSafe, which will securely house a smartphone, keys, bank cards, or cash. If it somehow did come loose — which is unlikely in the extreme — both the stereo and the safe float. You can control the Fusion with your phone or even your Garmin fitness watch with the FUSION-Link app, or by tapping the scalloped buttons with your fingers or even a paddle. You can buy one for $299.99 at crutchfield.com.

The Fusion is a multi-function music station with secure storage,
charging, and several ways to access your music while on the water.

Gobi Gear Segsac 15l

If you’ve ever packed a backpack, then had to dig through it on the trail looking for a poncho, your extra socks, that red bandana you packed — whatever — you know what a pain it can be to find stuff in that big pocket. That’s where the Segsac comes in really handy. It’s a 15-liter stuff sack that has four internal compartments that run the length of the bag to keep your gear organized and easy to find. Just pack it up and stick it inside your backpack. It’s only $20, too, so you can get one for everybody. Go to gobigear.com to order.

The Gobi Fear SeqSac will keep your gear organized and accessible.

It’s not too early to start ordering gear for your outdoors lover, so check out this stuff and have a great holiday!


Tell us about your great holiday gift finds.