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The Grand Canyon: Your Next Adventure Idea

Grand Canyon AdventureArizona is the proud host of the Grand Canyon, one of the most unique land forms on earth—one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. As one of the most popular outdoor vacation spots for tourists and locals, millions of visitors worldwide have made it a favorite destination since it became a National Park in 1919. From the North Rim to the South Rim, the scenery and grandeur that the park offers will lead to unforgettable adventure.

ADVENTURE iDIAZ has created three new maps to help the outdoor adventurer navigate the majestic Grand Canyon and commemorate your visit: Grand Canyon EAST, Grand Canyon WEST and a Full Grand Canyon Wall Map.

ADVENTURE iDIAZ (pronounced, “ideas”) is a family partnership started by two brothers, Jeff and Kevin Diaz. Collectively, both bring over 70 years of experience to the business with expertise in management, administration, creative design, live event production, and customer service. Their individual skill set was brought together in 2016 to supply superior quality printed maps, capturing details that are absent in other mapping products.

Jeff:“Ever since I was a little kid, I used to draw maps and capture the layout of our neighborhood. I wasn’t particularly talented in art, but I could make hand-drawn maps, and my brother and I would pretend we were looking for buried treasures. I was wired for adventure! I’ve always loved holding a physical map because like a book, there’s always a story behind it. The beauty behind a map is you can take it home, analyze and digest it. Once the art of mapping is understood, you’re there without actually being there. There is so much knowledge to gain from geography. All these things impacted why I was drawn to the map business.”Jeff brings over 38 years of retail management as a buyer and seller in the mapping/cartography industry. He is innovative and aware of the needs of his customers, knowing what works for local hunters and map users all over the nation. An avid outdoorsman himself, Jeff is able to offer years of knowledge about nature, wildlife, and various ecosystems and is sought out by outdoorsman for his unique and exclusive Arizona pro-tips.

Kevin:“For me, the timing was right in my life to venture out into this family business. I wasn’t initially passionate about maps until I began to research and heard my brother’s vision for it. I’ve always wanted to own a successful business. The start-up took time, and I had to study what was out there in the industry, the holes we could fill, and then I was able to have a vision. I have the gift to see the unseen, the raw potential of something.Being able to see the unseen is that starting point and I work until I can see and experience what I envisioned. The look of our maps is unique with our trademark design with details that other maps do not offer. What fuels my passion is hearing the satisfaction of our customers.” Kevin brings strong administrative skills, creative direction, and marketing to ADVENTURE iDIAZ.

Both brothers are visionary, bent toward adventure and ingenuity. ADVENTURE iDIAZ aspires to assist the outdoor user in planning a successful, tailored adventure of a lifetime. They are committed to providing as much information as possible with appeal and a creative eye. In researching competitors, ADVENTURE iDIAZ is aware of the holes and gaps of information on existing maps. Unlike digital mapping, our products allow the user to fully see the big picture before arriving at the desired destination. ADVENTURE iDIAZ is passionate about providing exceptional design and detail. In the creation of maps, getting in the minutia of the terrain is what it is all about, determining which sources are most reliable.

Newly Published Grand Canyon Maps; by ADVENTURE iDIAZ

The most popular tourist areas are captured in the Grand Canyon EAST Map and includes the North and South Rims, Grand Canyon Village, Tusayan, Grand Canyon National Airport and Desert View.  Each of these areas are represented with large blown-up inserts showing visitor centers, shops, dining, lodging and tours/entertainment. Additionally, the Saddle Mountain Wilderness Area, Kiabab National Forest and the western portions of the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation are capture in this map along with miles 23 through 113 of the mighty Colorado River. River mile markers, riverside campsites, rapids and rapid scout sites are clearly marked for rafters.

The Grand Canyon WEST Map covers the areas west of Tusayan and Samp Point, up to the Lone Mountain and Mount Trumbull areas and includes Colorado River miles 102 through 212. Included in this map are the Mount Logan, Mount Trumbull, Kanab Creek Wilderness Areas, the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument and the northern tribal lands of the Havasupai and Hualapai Indian Nation Reservations. A large blown-up insert of Supai is also included with trails, campsites and points of interests.Both maps include 40+ different icons allowing for easy recognition ofhiking trails, roads, campgrounds, picnic areas, points of interest and much more.

And if you’re looking for a spectacular wall map or keepsake poster they’ve got that too, available in a rolled 70″ x 36″ print map.

With one voice, brothers Jeff & Kevin agree:“Our mission is to foster adventure in you, to discover God’s creation waiting to be explored and enjoyed.”

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