July 2006

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Fire restrictions lifted at 16 wildlife areas

PHOENIX – Thanks to improved habitat conditions due to recent rains, Arizona Game and Fish Department Director Duane Shroufe has lifted fire restrictions at 16 of the state’s wildlife areas, but restrictions remain in place on 10 others. Restrictions have been lifted at the following wildlife areas:
  • Allen Severson
  • Becker Lake
  • Bog Hole
  • Chevelon Canyon
  • Clarence May and C.M.H. May Memorial
  • Cluff Ranch
  • Concho Lake
  • Jacques Marsh
  • Luna Lake
  • Sipe White Mountain
  • Springerville Marsh
  • Tucson Mountain
  • Wenima
  • Whitewater Draw
  • White Mountain Grasslands
  • Willcox Playa
  • Fire restrictions remain in place at 10 wildlife areas prohibiting any open fires, including campfires and barbecue grills. Smoking is not allowed except in a vehicle. Propane cook stoves, heating devices and lanterns are allowed for use in designated camping areas only. The restrictions still apply to the following wildlife areas:

    Alamo Lake
  • Arlington
  • Base and Meridian
  • Colorado River Natural Center
  • Mittry Lake
  • Powers Butte
  • Quigley
  • Robbins Butte
  • Roosevelt Lake
  • Upper Verde River

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