De-Fishing Soap

Make everyone happy!

De-Fishing Soap

Jamicha Soap Company has found the way with their DE-FISHING SOAP. Tired of tasting your bait when you stop for that PB & J??

Wonder why you get the evil eye when you put the cutting board back after filleting your catch.?? Jamicha’s De-Fishing soap will neutralize the fish smell on your hands; just lather scrub rinse and repeat.

Fish stink, you don’t have to. Scrubbing off the cutting board becomes a snap. Also masks human odors. Keep a small chunk in your tackle box, rub on your fingers before you tie your knots and see what happens.

 We all love catching fish but hate that look when we reach out to touch our family after a great day and they crinkle up their noses and point us away…..

Great gifts for all your fishing friends!  Your family will love you for it  All Jamicha Soaps are sold in 6 packs to save you money. $35.00per six pack. The six pack price includes your 6 bars of De-Fishing Soap, Priority Mail shipping, tax and handling. Delivered right to your door.

Paypal check or money ordering available at  just click the order button and follow simple instructions!  Wholesale interests contact Michelle@JamichaSoaps,com  for further information.