CGs New Homeport Web Site Operational

AZBW NEWS SERVICE "Homeport," the official Coast Guard information site, is operational.

The Coast Guard said in a release that its Homeport site will be its official information technology system for maritime security. It said that the site was created to provide information and services to the maritime community and the public over the Internet.

Homeport will be used by Coast Guard Federal Maritime Security Coordinators as a primary means for the day-to-day management and communication of port security matters with Area Maritime Security Committee members, commercial vessels, and facility owners and operators, government partners, and the public.

It will afford instant access to information necessary to support increased information- sharing requirements among federal, state, local, and industry decision makers for security management and increased maritime-domain awareness.

Homeport, a publicly accessible Internet site, will provide its users with current maritime- security information. It will also serve as its communication tool designed to support the sharing, collection and dissemination of sensitive-but-unclassified information to targeted groups of registered users within the port community, the Coast Guard said.

Homeport meets critical mission requirements in support of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 for sharing security information, the Coast Guard and has the potential to revolutionize the way it communicates with the public, its partners, and maritime stakeholders, the Coast Guard said.

For more information regarding Homeport and the requirements for becoming a registered user, visit the Homeport Web site at