Cats Prowl Southwest, Mexico

Puerto Penasco In Their Plans

by Shauna McGee

Below is the 2006 Catamaran Racing Schedule for Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico. Most catamaran skippers choose six to eight events each season, based on regatta location or type of competition.

The races listed below are commonly attended by "beach cats" 12 to 20 feet long. Hosts include yacht clubs, sailing clubs, and racing
associations. A majority of the races are open to a variety of sizes and brands of catamarans.

Mapable addresses, links to registration, recommended accommodations, and carpool/caravan information on all events listed below is available through or Hobie specific race information from this schedule is available at

Formula 18 (18-foot catamaran with spinnaker made by several companies) race information from this schedule is available at

Feb 18 and 19:

Feb 25 and 26:

March 18 and 19:

April 1 and 2:

April 8 and 9:

April 22 and 23:

May 6 and 7:

May 6 and 7:

May 13 and 14:

May 20:

May 27 and 28:

Jun 10 and 11:

Jun 17 and 18:

July 8 and 9:

July 15:

July 29 and 30:

Aug. 5 and 6:

Aug. 19 and 20:

Aug. 26:

Sept. 2 and 3:

Sept. 9 and 10:

Oct. 7 and 8:

Oct. 15 and 16:

Nov.18 and 19:

Long Beach, Calif. — SCYA Midwinters

San Felipe, Mexico — Hobie Midwinters Regatta

San Diego, Calif. — Catfight, Mission Bay Yacht Club

Coronado/San Diego, Calif. — Small Boat Regatta

Lake Mead, Las Vegas, Nev. — Leukemia Cup-Hobie Regatta

San Pedro, Calif. — Cabrillo Yacht Club Hurricane Gulch

Puerto Penasco, Mexico — Cinco de Mayo Hobie Regatta

San Diego, Calif. — Catfight, Mission Bay Yacht Club

San Pedro, Calif. — Alter Cup Trials at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club

Ventura, Calif. — Hardway Race - Advanced Distance Race

 Long Beach, Calif. — Multihull Memorial Day Regatta

Lake Arrowhead, Calif. — Hobie Regatta

Big Bear, Calif. — Hobie Regatta

Ventura, Calif. — Hobie Blue Water Regatta

 Ventura, Calif. — Milt Ingram - Advanced Distance Race

Long Beach, Calif. — Multihull Invitational

Huntington Lake (Sierras, east of Fresno, Calif.) — Hobie Regatta

Santa Barbara, Calif. — Wine and Roses

Ventura, Calif. — Tripoint Race Advanced Distance Race

Long Beach, Calif. — Labor Day Regatta

San Diego, Calif. — Hobie Divisionals Race

Puerto Penasco, Mexico — Hobie Piρata Regatta

Coronado/San Diego, Calif. — One Design Regatta

 Long Beach, Calif. — Turkey Day Regatta