AZGFD Fishing Report (Late February)

It’s A Great Time To Get Ready

Tip Of The Week

AZ Lakes, AZ Pros: Alamo With Greg PishkurThis is a great time to re-organize your tackle, put some fresh line on your reel, and make a solid strategy for when early spring conditions soon arrive. Remember that each target species usually requires its own set of specialized tackle.

For example, put together a small tackle box specifically for trout in Community fishing waters (4-pound test line, artificial dough baits, spinners, slip sinkers, split shots, swivels, etc.). Despite the winter storms in late February, steadier weather is forecast soon.

This major storm that rolled through the state provided some much-needed precipitation to the desert, yet it had been making fishing difficult or even more inaccessible.

Fortunately, rainbow trout thrive in these colder temps. Check out the Arizona streamflows from the USGS — we will be having some major runoff and inflows. As always, be safe: Keep an eye on the weather and watch out for flash flooding.

Community Stockings

Due to the inclement February weather, there were some delays in Community water’s stockings. However, they have now resumed in the following: Red Mountain, Riverview, Evelyn Hallman, Papago Ponds, Steele Indian School, Encanto, Cortez, Desert Breeze, Kiwanis, Rio Vista, Surprise, Pioneer, Desert West, Alvord, and Green Valley Lakes.

Catch Of The Week

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