AZGFD Fishing Report (10/12/17)


It’s Time For Trout In The High Country

Tip Of The Week

As we head into November, keep an eye on water temperatures in the high country. Each year, trout fishing picks up dramatically in the White Mountains when water temperatures are in the low-to-high 50s (depending on elevation). This is the ideal temperature range for trout and they will be actively trying to add weight before the onset of winter.

AZGFD Fishing TipBecause there will be little difference between surface water temperature and water temperature in deep water, trout will be found at any depth.

The Reel Deal

Days are getting shorter, air temperatures are cooling, and with the transition into fall, it takes some work to pinpoint the exact location of fish. Water temperatures in desert impoundments such as Roosevelt Lake are in the low-to-mid 70s.

Cover a lot of water,  targeting different areas of the water column with various bait presentations. Or, just go get some trout. Winter stockings have already begun for rainbows. Catfish stockings are ongoing, too.


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