April 2006

Mid-February To Mid-March Arizona Bass Tournament Results

WON Bass Teams

Michael Rooke and Tim Wilsterman took first place with five fish weighing 14.57 pounds. Their big fish was 3.86, and they took home $2,460 for their efforts.

National Bass West

Martinez Feb 18: J. Turner and J. Waits won with five fish weighing 18.42 pounds. They flipped jigs and used Senkos in the back of the lake and took home $1,812.

Martinez March 4: J. Turner and J. Waits won this one, too, with the same pattern. This time their five fish weighed 24.59 pounds, and they won $1,150.

Anglers’ Choice

Powell Region Teams at Powell Feb 25-26: Jim Bishop and Bill Carlquest won with five fish weighing 14.91 pounds, including a 4.42 largemouth. They netted $1,970.

All Star

Couples at Roosevelt Feb 18: Carla Gray and Steve Foutch won with just three fish that weighed a whopping 13.65 pounds, including a 7.66-pounder. Foutch had to fish alone because of a scheduling conflict, and he caught his fish on spider jigs in 20 to 30 feet of water in the Humbug. First prize was $2,600 from a prize fund of over $7,000 in cash and merchandise.

Teams at Bartlett Feb 25: Reggie Frieswyk of Gilbert and Eric Schook of Scottsdale won the tournament with a six-fish limit weighing 17.70 pounds. They shared a total of $3,893 from a prize fun of over $16K. They fished crankbaits in the river end to catch their limit, which included a 4.70-pound largemouth.

Best Bet (aluminum) at Bartlett Mar 4: Robin Jackson of Scottsdale and Joe Denson of Phoenix won with a six-fish limit weighing 16.13 pounds, including a5.40-pounder. They won $2,400 from a pot of more than $10,000. They fished grubs and spinnerbaits in muddy water in the river end of the lake.


Pleasant Feb 11: cancelled due to high winds

Havasu Mar 4: Brett Hite and Mark Poe had five fish weighing 17.55 pounds, including a 4.88-pounder. They won $6,138.


Central AZ at Pleasant Feb 18: Dean Kreuzer and Steve Czerniski won $3,260 with a sack weighing 15.3 pounds, including their big fish at 4.1.

Colorado River at Mohave Feb 11: Ray Lillard and Jake Rucker won with 18.74 pounds, including a 5.16 largemouth. They won $984.

Yuma at Fishers Landing Feb. 25: Craig Johnson and Don Johnson took home $1,520 for 14.68 pounds, which included a 6.13-pound lunker.

Mid-Week Draw Teams at Bartlett Feb. 22: Dave Rice and John Reichard took first-place honors and the Big Fish pot with a total weight of 12.07 lbs which included the big fish of 4.15 lbs. The weapon of choice was"Bomber A" crank bait (dark green, black, white and orange belly) fished fairly quickly off large rocky points in about 7 feet of water. The team took home $300.

Mid-Week Draw Teams at Alamo March 15: First place was taken by Terry Tassin and John Reichard with 12.85 pounds, including a big fish weighing 5.78 pounds. They took home $480. Tassin and Reichard caught their fish on crappie- and crawfish-pattern Bomber crankbaits. They cranked the center of the lake on both north and south sides all day.

Monterey Bass

Teams at Pleasant Feb. 25: Rich DeWane and Charlie Dains won with 13.59 pounds, including the second place Big Fish at 4.68 pounds. DeWane and Dains fished jigs and Carolina rigs in a variety of colors at the north end of the lake. They were in a cove and caught their fish ten to twenty feet deep. They earned $3,134.

Pro Am at Bartlett Feb. 4: Doug Pingree and Jason White won the pro-am with a five-fish limit weighing 13.20 pounds. They took home a combined total of $1,944. That’s the second win in a row for pro Pingree. He put 7.04 pounds in the livewell, and his non-boater partner added a 2.9-pounder. White’s fish was the Big Fish of the tournament on the amateur side.

Couples at Bartlett Feb. 4: Tim and Claudine Price came out on top in a very tough tournament. It took just two fish to win it, with a total weight of 2.83 pounds. They received $320.