July 2006

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AWA/AZBW Rider For July

Brett Morari AWA Rider of the MonthBrett Morari Began Riding In 1997

This month’s AWA/AZBW rider of the month is Brett Morari. Morari has been a member of the AWA for six years and rides in the Outlaw division. He won the most improved rider award in 2001. 

Brett ("Sparky") Morari is 25 years old and lives in Tempe. He has been wakeboarding for nine years.

"Sparky" got his nickname, but he is not sure how he came to be known by that. Glen Coy gave him the name when Morari first started riding with him in 1998. 

Morari got into wakeboarding in 1997. A young couple moved in down the street; they had a Ski Nautique and were barefooters.  

They made a deal with me: If I would be their third and footed with them in the morning, then I could wakeboard all day.

The couple went on the weekends at 5 a.m., and I never missed a day.

When asked what was his first trick, Morari said, "The first wake-to-wake trick I learned, I think, was a Twister."

Then, the question to Morari was about which trick took the longest or was the hardest for him to learn. His answer: "I have to say the Elephant. I pinched a nerve in my back learning that one, and I continued doing it until I mastered the trick — even though it killed every time I landed it."

When queried about his favorite trick to see and why, Morari answered the Pete Rose. He said that he had loved that trick even before he could ride. "It looks so out-of-control and smooth at the same time."

 Morari says that his favorite aspect of wakeboarding is two-fold: the water and the people involved. He also likes the AWA because it is for the riders and is run by riders. 

And, sharing a memory with writer Chris Cameron, Morari told her about this experience: "My most memorable experience happened when I had first started competing. 

"I through a Temper Tantrum off the Double Up … a Double Back Flip. I just about got the board underneath me on the second rotation but came up short and crashed bad.

"When I came up from the water, everyone on the beach was cheering and going wild."

Asked where he rides and with whom, Morari replied, "I want to say Saguaro, but I used to go to Bartlett a lot, and I was a regular at Firebird for a couple of years. I ride with everyone."

At the end of his interview, Cameron asked Morari if there were anyone he would like to thank. There were several.

"Glen Coy has by far been the best coach I’ve had — my mom and dad for supporting me in everything I’ve done — Strat at Liquid Force for hooking it up — all the guys down at Paradise Watersports (those guys rock) — everyone at AWA and all my friends … "


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