May 2006

AWA Season Off To Flying Start

Approximately 40 riders braved the 60-degree water, most trunking it, and proved that they are die-hard wakeboarders at the Arizona Wakeboard Association’s season opener.

A nicer day could not have been ordered for this contest; relatively calm winds and plenty of sunshine without the searing heat made it an awesome day for riders and spectators at Two Cow Cove. Two incredible sponsors teamed up to set the bar high for every event to follow.

Action Watersports and O’Brien kicked off the first event in grand style. Riders from all over the country have been anticipating what the Epic 23V would bring to the wakeboard scene.

It brought a huge wake and plenty of room for friends. Equipped with a Volvo 8.1 L V8 and 4,000 pounds of ballast, the 23V launched AWA riders to incredible heights.

O’Brien ensured that the first-place winners started the season safely with a brand new USCG Neoprene vest. Second-place winners received an O’Brien team jacket, and third-place winners won an O’Brien pint glass and a No Fear T-shirt.

Action Watersports added to O’Brien’s generous list of prizes by giving each winner an Epic T-shirt.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the AWA season opener, April 1:

Advanced: 1st Glen Coy, 2nd Matt Bolley, 3rd Brendon Lochert

Intermediate: 1st Mike Haley, 2nd Andrew Jellum, 3rd Devin Durham

Masters: 1st Joe Cornelius, 2nd Geri Robertson

Novice: 1st Austin Uecker, 2nd Hunter Queior, 3rd Zack Kelly

Wakeskate: 1st Ira Cornelius, 2nd Reed Watson, 3rd Andrew Jellum

Women’s: 1st Brittany Schroeder, 2nd Christine Cameron, 3rd Marque Taylor

Outlaw: 1st Trever Marquette, 2nd Jimmy Wolf, 3rd Ryan Webster

Upcoming Events

Malibu Mayhem is back! On May 6, Paradise Watersports and Ski Pro bring the sixth Malibu Mayhem to Two Cow Cove. Any rider who has participated in Malibu Mayhem in the past knows that this event is not to be missed! Keep posted for exciting news regarding this awesome annual event.

Brostock at Lake Powell: Liquid Force is putting on a Houseboat Festival/Party with the folks at Lake Powell this summer. They will be having their 2007 product line catalog shoot from June 3-9 then will be sticking around for the weekend of the 10 and 11.

This is when the real fun will happen!  They are going to try to re-create a "Boardstock-like" event in the middle of Lake Powell. 

What better place to have a LF event?  The crew from Alliance will be there for the weekend to film an episode of PULL.  The idea is fairly simple: Get as many houseboats on the water as possible and have a couple of fun days of riding and partying! 

They plan on taking over an entire cove at Powell.  They will have the whole LF team with them and will be hanging out with anyone who shows up. 

There will be once-a-day demos by the LF team in the middle of all of the houseboats, but for the most part it will be just a free-for-all, weekend of fun. Go to and mention the Liquid Force Brostock to reserve your houseboat, and you’ll get a 54-foot houseboat (sleeps 12) and a PWC for $3,800! 

This is approximately $1,000 less than the normal price.