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Rock The Boat 2010: A Summary

More Fun With Each New Addition


1952 Chris Craft Tri-Cabin Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here's Marine

Rock The Boat Scorpion

Dan Turner Santa 2

Carol Scorpion

Carol Motorhome Scorpion Click Here Click Here Search & Rescue: Click Here

RTB has made great headway during 2010 including the acquisition of another vintage Chris-Craft.

The pictures are grouped in order of acquisition. The groups are divided with pictures from boat shows and radio shows. The boats are all Chris-Craft.

The first boat is the 1954 43' Tri-Cabin. The second boat is a 1971 21' Scorpion. The third boat is a 1973 36' Scorpion. The fourth boat is a 1954 36' Commander.

All of the Rock The Boat sponsors have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping rebuild these beautiful old boats. They are listed below. If you are looking to do boating business please consider these businesses. They have shown to us over and over again that they are indeed professionals worthy of your patronage.

We would also like to give special thanks to the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club members and particularly to Allen Benton. Benton has, on a regular basis, been willing to help us with his experience and expertise.

Progress was made in all areas, but the major development was the 1954 36' Chris-Craft Commander that arrived from San Diego. Arizona Boating & Watersports/Western Outdoor Times brought another vintage Chris-Craft to Arizona for restoration as part of the Rock The Boat (501C3) project to benefit Superstition Search & Rescue. This will make the fourth vintage Chris-Craft to join the Rock The Boat (501C3) fleet. As these boats are completed, they will be auctioned with proceeds going to Superstition Search & Rescue.

CFB Marine Group - along with John Campbell of The International Yellowtail Derby - put together a San Diego team to help save this 1954 36�Chris-Craft Commander. The boat has been donated by Marina Cortez. It was hauled out at Driscoll�s on Shelter Island. It was transported to its new home at Bartlett Lake by Ed Hale of Hale�s Marine Service.

Lake Tahoe in Nevada has long been a home to these beautiful floating pieces of history. Arizona Boating & Watersports/Western Outdoor Times and the Rock The Boat Project hope to establish this tradition at Bartlett Lake in Arizona.

Rock The Boat sponsors have been great and the list keeps growing.

ABC Marine Canvas
All In One Fitness
Arizona Boating & Watersports/Western Outdoor Times News Magazine
Arizona Game & Fish Department
Arizona Marine Outfitters
Arizona State University Bass Team
AZU Bass Fishing Team
AZ Tourist News
Bartlett Lake Marina & Boat Club
Coast Guard Auxilliary
Community Tire
Crane Rental Services, Inc
Desert Canyon Dentistry
Dinghy Digest ®
fore Creative Sake
Hales Marine Service & Transport
Kokopelli Trailers
Marine Services - Mark Silvey
Maritime Institute
Martin Marine
Nitro Chicken
Outdoors Arizona
Outdoors In America
Personal Retriever
Peter Schlech Woodworking
Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron
Seatow San Diego
Shake Rattle & Troll Radio
Sun Valley Fiber-Glas
Swim Platforms
The Art Institute of Phoenix
US Coast Guard Auxilliary
Vermont Nation

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ASU Bass Team: Click Here
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