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QuikSlide Stringer System

This Should Be In Your Tackle Box

QuikSlide Stringer SystemPhoto Credit Margie Anderson

By Margie Anderson

Are you looking for the easiest-to-use stringer on the market? Then look no further than the QuikSlide™ Stringer System. Whether you reel in fish for recreation or for competition, the QuikSlide Stringer System with “removable snaps” will quickly become one of the most useful items in your tackle box.

QuikSlide's patented design eliminates the need to untie or pull the stringer from the water when adding fish. Seasoned anglers already understand the benefits — no more pulling the chain or rope out of the water with fish attached to find a free snap and then throwing it back again.

This easy-loading stringer is simple to use, plus it's easier on your fish. Not to mention, its quality stainless-steel/PVC-coated construction won't rust, so it's perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
 As the first major innovation to stringers in decades, here's how it works. Each snap is attached to a PVC slide that ingenuously fits into a notched section at the top of the stringer cable. Simply attach the fish to the snap and then load the fish onto the stringer. A handy "snap carrier" clips onto the fisherman's belt or pocket for ready access to your snaps.

All types of anglers, from shore casters to kayakers, will appreciate the QuikSlide Stringer System. The flexible 7-strand stainless-steel PVC-coated cable is strong, lightweight and non-abrasive, so it won't damage boats; and the snaps' double-swivel action eliminates tangling to keep fish alive. The QuikSlide makes securing fish so easy that hardcore anglers and novices alike will be recasting in seconds. 
The stringer comes in 3-, 6- and 14-foot lengths with snaps. The 3-foot length is ideal for wade or flyfishing, and the 6- and 14-foot lengths are perfect for dock and boat fishing. Considering that this stringer could last for years; it's a value purchase at approximately $14 — $19, depending on the length.

As an added value, QuikSlide offers extra snaps for purchase separately in blue, green and tan so each angler can have color-coded snaps to identify his or her own fish and share one stringer.  To purchase, or for more info on the full line of QuikSlide products, check with your local dealers, visit, or call (888) 600-0907. 

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