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Welcome To The First Issue Of Yakima High School Class of 1957 Newsletter

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July 2009

Ahoy to my fellow classmates of Yakima High School Class of 1957!

Inspired by the great 50th reunion of our class, my husband Jim and I thought it would be fun to have a monthly (?) e-newsletter that would keep us all in touch with each other between reunions.

Thanks to Mike and Sue, we have a fairly up-to-date list of our class e-mail addresses, so we can start this ongoing (hopefully) communication now.

Jim and I own a monthly news magazine here in Arizona (Arizona Boating & Watersports), and an offshoot of that is our weekly e-letter Dinghy Digest ®, which has given Jim practice using the same kind of template he needs for Pirate Press (that’s us).

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So, will you please join us? We hope that you will regularly send notes, updates on your and your family’s lives, lots of photos, letters to any number of your fellow classmates, current views on our world if you wish, stories, plans for your future – whatever you’d like to share with fellow Pirates in Pirate Press.

We have no intentions of being another “Facebook,” “Linked-In,” etc. This is just our group of YOUNG classmates, keeping in touch with each other and making use of the technology that has developed since, well, remember the old YHS typing classes on our Remington manuals? Mmm.

Thank you for perusing this first issue of Pirate Press. Hopefully, you’ll get on board by return mail. We welcome your suggestions for standing sections and for overall content in general.

Fair winds,
Carol Lemon Allen
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