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Many Farms Lake

Many Farms, Arizona

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Many Farms

Many Farms lake, which is 15 miles north of Chinle (northwest of Canyon de Chelly national Monument) can be found by taking I-40 east from Holbrook. Turn north on U.S. Route 191 toward Ganado. Turn west on State Route 264 and pick up Route 191 north again by turning right (there are plenty of signs). Drive past Chinle, continuing north. Many Farms Lake will be on your right, just past where Route 191 intersects Indian Route 59. There are no motor restrictions, and Many Farms has a relatively good boat launch. Species of fish available include largemouth bass and catfish. This lake receives very little fishing pressure. It's well worth a try if you're in the area, and if nothing else, at an elevation of 5,400 feet it guarantees a cool getaway during your next vacation. Many Farms, or, as the residents call it, Da’ah’eh Halani, is an Indian community within the Navajo Nation, 15 miles north of Chinle. Many Farms emerged as a community in 1937 when the local reservoir’s irrigation dam was constructed. Many Farms Lake, with 25,000 acre feet of water, is one of the largest on the reservation. Canyon de Chelly, a geological and historical wonder, is the area’s greatest scenic attraction. The Canyon was a Navajo stronghold during Colonel Kit Carson's Navajo Campaign and was designated a National Monument in 1931. Evidence of Indian habitation as early as 2000 B.C. is found in artifacts and prehistoric cliff dwellings. Ganado, 45 miles south, is the site of Arizona's most famous Indian trading post, Hubbell's. The trading post has been operating for nearly a century and is designated a National Historic Site. At Hubbell's and other trading posts on the reservation, the handcrafted Navajo silver jewelry and hand-woven woolen rugs may be purchased. Fishing is excellent at many nearby lakes.


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