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Lake Havasu Arizona - Spring 2011

From Cove To Gorge To Pirate Ship
The Southwest Springs To Life

Bartlyby.jpgPhoto Credit - Arthur Weasley
FACT OR FICTION? -- Is there really a "monster" lurking deep in the waters of Bartlett Lake? Is Bartlby really there? This reproduction of Nichollssaura borealis, a plesiosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, is the closest we could find to the description offered recently by a Bartlett bass angler. A fish tale or ?

We recently had the opportunity to spend several days in Lake Havasu. We have been there numerous times but this was definitiely one of our best trips. Our hosts had planned activities that gave us the opportunity to rediscover many of the great things about Lake Havasu that we had lost site of over the years.

We arrived at the London Bridge Resort and the fun began. During our stay we were hosted by:
Bob Brown - Media Direction/Lake Havasu Convention and Visitors Bureau Doug Traub - President/CEO, Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau,
Gary L. Kellogg - President/CEO Lake Havasu City Partnership For Economic Development,
Jim Salscheider - Executive Director, Lake Havasu City Marine Association and,
Vern Porter - General Manager, The Nautical Beachfront Resort.

The purpose of our trip was to reaquaint ourselves with Lake Havasu City, Lake Havasu, and some of the new things that are taking place there including the new Designated Operator program, being greeted with much enthusiasm, Lake Racer's upcoming Desert Storm and the Lake Havasu Boat Show. Infomation on all of these may be found at

We were accompanied by:
Brady L. Kay - Executive Editor, Harris Publishing and
Rusty Manoff - Retail Development, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

We arrived on Thursday evening and our stay began with dinner at the London Bridge Resort. The food, service and ambiance were great. Friday morning began with a walking tour across the bridge (did you know the bridge is hollow?) and breakfast at Makai restaurant located beneath Shugrue's. From there we had the option to do some fishing with local guide xxxxxxxxx or to tour the Nordic Boat factory. Carol and I chose the Nordic tour.

We were picked up by xxxxx from xxxxx. He provided most of our land transportation.

Kevin Doane , General Manager was our guide. It's one thing to see these beautiful boats on the water but it's altogether different to see them up close and personal while they are being built.

We left the Nordic factory and made stop at West Coast Drive Service and were introduced to the owner (and very much the operator) Vern Gilbert . I need to mention that Vern is an 8-time World Record Holder in offshore racing. This information plays an important part in our next days activities.

Friday afternoon we were picked up at Windsor Beach Launch Ramp and enjoyed a beautiful and informative ride through Topock Gorge via two pontoon boats. The boats were driven by Jim Salscheider and Gary Kellogg. Midway through the ride we were treated to lunch at Pirate Cove Resort by Jim Nakashima , the General Manager and his crew. As you'll see on the next cover of Arizona Boating & Watersports News Magazine one of the photographers with us found interesting photo opportunities and Pirates Cove.

Our trip back to Lake Havasu City took us through London Bridge Channel where we were dropped off at the London Brige Resort docks .

Friday concluded with a trip to the Blue Grass festival. This also reminded me that Lake Havasu City has much more to offer than just lake activites.

Saturday started with breakfast at The Nautical Inn. Breakfast was great and we were hosted by Vern Porter and his excellent staff. During breakfast we were filmed by Jim Matherws , Executive Producer, Havasu Video News.

After breakfast we spent the rest of the morning on a water tour with Kenny Samp, Captain Sunset Charter & Tour Company. Our tour included the many light houses around Lake Havasu but also the various canyons including Copper Canyon. Many will think only of Copper Canyon as the place during spring break where the water can't be seen because of the wall to wall, literally, boats. Be assured that this tour will give you a complete new way to look at Copper Canyon and its history.

Saturday afternoon was a day that little boys, and some of us not so little boys only dream about. We were treated to a ride up and down the lake on two performance boats. I mentioned Vern Gilbert of West Coast Drives earlier, you got it he brought out a Skater offshore boat and along with John xxxxxx who offered his boat as well for this trip we headed for Lake Havasu Springs.

We were picked up at Thompson Bay and driven (flew) to Havasu Springs where we enjoyed lunch at Havasu Springs Resort .

Our days at Lake Havasu City were definitely full to the brim.

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