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About the Intrepid
The Intrepid, launched in 2007 is new to the San Diego Sportfishing Fleet. She is a grand 116' ABS class steel-hulled beauty. The Intrepid boasts an unmatched level of luxury and comfort combined with the most advanced electronics and features imaginable.

Intrepid_Captain_Kevin_Osborne.jpgCaptain Kevin Osborne

Captain Kevin Osborne - U.S. Coast Guard 100 Ton/Engineer
Kevin Osborne brings a wealth of experience, professionalism and a life-long passion for fishing to the Intrepid Team. His diverse background of guiding, as well as managing a Baja fishing lodge and skippering private yachts led to his joining the San Diego Sportboat "Shogun" in 2001, where he spent the next 5 years plying the fish-rich waters of Baja Mexico.

Taking the helm in 2008, the Intrepid's first full season of operation, Kevin delighted his guests with uncanny fishing instincts resulting in astounding angler success rates including numerous notable catches. But Kevin's fishing prowess is only part of the story. Guests and crew alike are consistently impressed with Kevin's likeable and enthusiastic demeanor and his desire to build personal relationships with each and every vacationing angler aboard.

"Kevin truly appreciates the meaning of customer service. His interpersonal skills and deep commitment to being chiefly responsible for delivering life-long memories for our guests is what sets Kevin apart from so many. It's a pleasure and a privilege to have him on board" -- Ken Price, Intrepid Owner

Intrepid_Chef_Javier.jpgChef Javier Quintanar

Javier Quintanar - Executive Chef
Javier Quintanar has extensive experience as an executive chef that spans decades. Professionally trained in international cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy, Javier's experience ranges from co-owning and operating his own restaurant, banquet catering, and Executive Chef positions with impressive resorts and cruise ships -- to kitchen design, menu development, management and purchasing. His career has sent him to places like Hawaii, San Diego, and Hollywood. He has had major roles in establishments such as the Makaha Hawaiian Resort , The San Diego Horton Grand Hotel , and the Missouri based Showboat Branson Belle, to name a mere few. He has received accolades wherever he has traveled.

Intrepid_Chef_Javier_2.jpgChef Javier Quintanar

In 1999 Javier embarked on an adventure. After more than 30 years in land-based endeavors, he dove headfirst into the long-range sportfishing industry. It wasn't long before he was totally hooked on what he considers the perfect combination of his love for the culinary arts and the outdoors. During tenure as Executive Chef aboard the Sportfisher Polaris Supreme -- where a reputation for the menu as well as her catch is notorious -- Javier has always received excellent guest reviews.

Javier takes pride in his special brand of cuisine, which layers textures and flavors in artistically presented dishes. His creativity and culinary imagination have earned him praise from critics and guests alike. It is his goal to provide memorable and delicious gourmet meals, featuring fresh seafood, international flavors, and personal recipes to compliment your stay aboard the Intrepid.

Intrepid_Giant_Tuna.jpgGiant Tuna

"Wow!...what a trip! Fishing overall was good but the Intrepid operation is really something. Every boat in the fleet is going to be measured against the Intrepid. I noticed so many nice, subtle touches to the boat that I never knew I liked! The crew was superb! Kevin and Rick really set a total service tone to the crew and they carry it our brilliantly. We as a group had never been treated so well as we had by Kevin and the crew."
-- Mike S. July, 2009

"I want to let you know that I am very impressed with the operation of the Intrepid Team... from the front office to the crew on deck, and all the way down to the stateroom. It was one of those rare situations where all my expectations were exceeded. The reservation was simple, painless. The boat was comfortable, nicely decorated, easy to get around, and there was not a burnt light bulb or a loose screw. The crew were helpful, yet not over bearing; having good professionalism and yet personable. The food, oh, the food, it was no 'boat food', it was fine dinning on the water. Last but not least, our skipper was a notch above the rest. He worked hard in putting us on fish. That, in itself might not stand out among the top skippers in the fleet. It was his ability in setting a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, underneath his seriousness that impressed me the most. Who wants to be all stressed out in a vacation?"
-- Ed the TunaWhacker July, 2009

"We were treated like royalty or politicians aboard the Intrepid. The new boat, with its white birch interior woodwork, extra-long bunks and circular booth salon seating is more than comfortable. Stabilizers make it track like it rides on rails. The Intrepid is a lovely new boat, and from my brief experience, she rides as good as she looks."
-- Bill Roecker,, September 2007

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Check out West Coast Fishing's Trip

The West Coast Fishing trip is #33. It is a limited load of 22 anglers for 12-days and will specifically target "super-cow size tuna". Anything over 200lbs is considered a "cow tuna".
John Bakos
West Coast
E-mail John For Details

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