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Hunting Grants Available To Nonprofit Organizations

Grants Available To Hunting-Focused Nonprofit Organizations
Innovative program funds first-time hunter clinics and camps; deadline to apply is Aug. 9

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has $30,000 in grant funding to assist local nonprofit hunting organizations to implement hands-on events designed for firsttime hunters in an effort to recruit new hunters, and teach them about wildlife conservation in Arizona.

The grant program is a pass-through grant program funded by the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) Hunting Heritage Partnership, which supports state agencies’ efforts to expand hunter recruitment and retention. Applications are being accepted now, and funding will be awarded through a competitive application process. Applications and any supporting materials may be submitted by U.S. mail, fax, or e-mail, and must be received by Monday, Aug. 9 by 5 p.m. (MST). Postmarks do not count.

“This grant program gets funding to the core engine of continuing Arizona’s hunting heritage — the state’s sportsmen’s organizations,” said Denise Raum, Game and Fish hunter recruitment coordinator. “As volunteer-based, nonprofit organizations, funding a weekend event can be a barrier. This grant, and others like it, bridges that gap allowing them to do great work.”

Applicants must be a nonprofit organization based in Arizona, have a mission related to hunter recruitment, and have a certificate of general liability insurance.

To be eligible, the proposal must include, but is not limited to, the following requirements:
• Promote or facilitate hunter recruitment and retention (examples include hunting camps for rabbit, dove, quail, squirrel, and predator/furbearing),

• Hunt using a firearm,

• Available to the public,

• Provide family activities at camp,

• Complete best practices training,

• Complete project by Jan. 31, 2010, and

• Submit a survey / evaluation of the event.

Grant funds cannot be used to purchase hunting or fishing licenses/tags/stamps, group banquets, raffle prizes, for-profit projects, or hunting competitions.

Application packets can be obtained from the Game and Fish Web site at under “Hunting Heritage Partnership: Hunter Recruitment Camp Project” or by contacting Hunter Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Denise Raum at or (623) 236-7567.

Submit completed applications and supporting materials to: Arizona Game and Fish Department, IEWR, Attn.: HRR Coordinator, 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, Arizona 85086, by e-mail to, or fax (623) 236-7903 Attn.: HRR Coordinator.

“Studies show that a mentored-experience is the best way to recruit new hunters. This partnership with local organizations is a great way to reach families that have an interest in hunting, but they don’t know where or how to get started,” said Raum.

Grant awards will be announced on or about August 16, 2010.

More than $400,000 was awarded to seven states by NSSF through the Hunting Heritage Partnership this year. Arizona received $40,000. The balance, not being passed through, is to be used to promote, advertise, and administer the best practices training of the grant program.

To learn more about the department’s efforts to preserve the hunting heritage, visit

The recruitment and retention of hunters, anglers, trappers, and shooters is important to continue the successful management of Arizona’s wildlife. Funding for the management and conservation of game animals is funded by dollars generated by the sale of licenses, hunt tags and matching funds from federal excise taxes hunters pay on guns, ammunition, and related equipment – not through the state’s general fund. However, driving on a country road and enjoying roaming elk herds, antelope on the range or ducks in flight are enjoyed by all citizens of Arizona and beyond. Did you know regulated hunting has never resulted in the extinction of a species? On the contrary, most game species populations are more stable now then when there were no hunting regulations.

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