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By Don McDowell
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images/Huites_DSCF2656.JPGPhoto Credit Don McDowell - Lake Huites

Bass fishing in Mexico is at its best. A recent trip to La Estancia Lodge, at Huites Lake was one of the best ever. Accompanied by John Bakos, and Outfitter and Guide Mike Day,, the adventure started at 27th Ave & McDowell, Tufesa Bus Lines. Now I’m not a fan of riding the bus, but I’m not a fan of high airfares and getting clipped for all the baggage I think I need to drag to the lake. Rod tubes, tackle, gear and my carryon bags. If you can get in it the bus, it rides for free. I was surprised at how nice the buses are, quality seating and first run movies. The round trip to Los Mochis was $174.00 compared to over $600.00 for air fare. The ride from Phoenix to Los Mochis is around 13 hours, allowing plenty of time to catch up on some much needed rest. Arriving at Los Mochis we’re greeted and picked up by Senior Ballderrama’s van and like all fishing trips had to stop at the local Wal-Mart. A scenic two hour ride into the Sierra Madre Mountains, 4000 elevation and a look at the Fuertes River added to the picture taking experience.

images/Huites_DSCF2655.JPGHuites Bass Lodge

We took the short way around through the town of Choix and in a brief time we were met by our guide and local fisherman, Pedro Medina. Another boat took our personal bags to the lodge and were fishing in fifteen minutes. After fishing our way back to the lodge, we were greeted by the staff, enjoyed lunch and back to fishing until dark. The La Estancia Lodge, staff and Mike Day take their fishing, food and lodging to the next level.

images/Huites_DSCF2615.JPGJon Bakos & Pedro Medina

Accommodations- excellent, food- five star, guide level- expert, boats –very fishable for 3 anglers. “The fishing now is the best I’ve seen for big fish” says Mike Day. Mike’s been fishing Huites 2-3 a month for three years and is considered a local. John Bakos and I got on a top water bite that was just crazy for 2 ˝ days, all day, poppers and spooks. Fish ranged in size from the pounders up to the 10-12 lbs range. Not a lot in the slot range. We lost count around 155 fish a piece.

images/Huites_DSCF2658.JPGHuites Lodge

The La Estancia Lodge offers deluxe, spacious room for two anglers with double beds, bathroom, showers, air conditioning and carpeting and will accommodate up to 28 anglers. Other significant features are the great room, indoor or outdoor dining, hot tub, desert oasis paths and yes they even have television. And the food some of the best food you ever could want. The view from the lodge, located hillside, approximately 700 yards from the cove shore, overlooking Huites absolutely awesome. The lodge is located in the small village of Techobampo and is safe and secure for anglers and guests. As always, I’m on a first name basis with the sheriff, no hand cuffs, who also is a good angler.

Huites Lake was originally impounded in 1993 by the Mexican Government to provide downstream agricultural water. The lake location is in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. The lakes expanse covers over 33,000 surface acres and is 33 miles long, reaching depths down to 280 feet. Beautiful canyons, coves, flats and trees are what to expect. The lake has been stocked with pure strain Florida largemouth that have taken hold which has created a big bass factory like no other. One of the few fisheries where you can fish your strength and super size your personal best.

images/Huites_DSCF2606.JPGDon McDowell

The La Estancia Lodge opens in October with a solid top water season and runs through the end of May ending with a super top water bite and anything in between.

HUITES_Mike_Day.jpgMike Day

Ending this trip with good friends, Mike Day and John Bakos, a top quality lodge, accommodations, boats and plenty of big fish to release, I can only say, WOW!

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Call Mike Day At 602 625 0402 To Book Your Trip
Huites Bass Club: Click Here

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