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Goodbye, My Brother; I Love You

Goodbye, My Brother; I Love You

Honoring Donald Lewis Lemon, Nov. 15, 1924-Dec. 4, 2011
By Carol Lemon Allen

During World War II, my brother served as a U.S. Army MP in Germany. As he was directing military traffic one afternoon, someone placed beside him a store mannequin that was posed in such a way that she seemed to be helping Don guide the passing vehicles.

A press photographer happened by, saw this unusual scene, and snapped a picture. It was later shared with the wire services and soon became a featured photo in newspapers across our country and beyond.


And, that was the start of a deluge. People from all corners of the nation (and the world) clipped the picture from their newspapers and sent copies to Don’s parents. Some letters were humorous; some were informative; some were very sad.

However, no matter what the messages, Mother and Dad were touched by the hundreds of pieces of mail they received. They felt a kinship with fellow Americans and others — along with a joy that was a precious commodity during that ugly war.

Editor’s Note: I wanted to share with you one special memory of my brother Don Lemon, 87, World War II vet from Yakima Wash. His life reflected that of many from “The Greatest Generation.” We thank them all. And, to Don, a special thank-you for being such a wonderful Big Brother.