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Easy Pack Tent

Portable, Light Weight, Easy To Carry Shelter

Easy_Pack_Tent.jpgPhoto Credit Solomon EASY PACK -- The new Explor'r tent, or its smaller version the Explor'r Junior, can be carried in a backpack, a daypack, or even a fanny pack. Talk about portable shelter!

New Tent Fits In A Backpack

Getting lost in the wilderness is never a situation that we plan on. Whether youíre hiking, backpacking, fishing or hunting, in many cases, no matter how well you plan, you may never be ready for everything. In a situation when you are lost, what are you going to do for shelter to keep you out of the elements?

Outdoorsman Jim Solomon has asked himself the same question many times in the past when teaching preparedness survival classes in the outdoors of Arizona and Montana.

After many years in the outdoors, Solomon was determined to come up with a shelter that could be either stuffed in a day pack or a larger unit that would be attached to a backpack or hunting pack and protect an individual or couple and their equipment in the time of an emergency.

With an idea in his head, he contacted the guys he knew would be able to turn his design into a workable, waterproof, high-quality shelter that would with stand all that Mother Nature had to offer and not break the bank.

Solomon contacted Jeff Basford, president of Paha Que Wilderness Tents, for advice, and if such a shelter were feasible. The result was a convertible lean-to known as the Xplorír.

The Xplorír was designed with a floor that stakes to the ground to keep you dry underneath, a side wedge to prevent the wind from getting in at the head of the unit, and a top that ties to the nearby vegetation. With the addition of tent poles (staked to the ground with draw lines) that are available in the larger unit, snow and rain are kept at bay.

The Xplorír also has the capability to convert into a low profile pup-type tent that will also keep out the weather.

The Xplorír itself was designed with two people in mind, and with tent poles included and the stuff bag sewn to the unit to avoid loss, the entire weight is only 3.3 pounds.

The Xplorír Junior was designed for one person and works on the same principle as the Xplorír ó but with only an attached stuff sack, this allows an individual to carry it in a fanny pack, daypack or backpack. The weight of the Xplorír Junior is a little over 1 pound.

With an MSRP of $199 for the Xplorír and $149 for the Xplorír Junior, Solomon says you canít afford to not be protected. The units come in an assortment of colors including fluorescent orange and two distinct camo designs. For more information, e-mail

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