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Charleston Race Week April 2009

Viper 640 Crosses The Desert To Charleston South Carolina For Race Week April, 2009

Charleston_Race_Week_April_20091.jpgPhoto Credit Tony Chapman, AYC -Treasurer, 602 956-510

Charleston Race Week 2009
The first time I recall wanting to do Charleston Race Week (“CRW”) was around a year ago when there was a youtube video going around of a chase boat trying to catch Justin Scott from Marblehead sailing in last year’s event. It looked like as much fun as you could have while fully dressed. I knew then there would be a Viper in my future.

When I realised this year’s event started the day after the end of tax season I knew I would need to get help delivering my boat to the East Coast to make it happen. Luckily John Mayall and Stacey Loula were up for it and a plan was hatched. The CRW website promotes the event as very challenging and tactical racing supported by good Southern hospitality. Having 36 Vipers registered also meant we would get a good idea how competetive this relatively new fleet was.

Charleston_Race_Week_April_20092.jpgPhoto Credit Tony Chapman, AYC -Treasurer, 602 956-510

All I can say is that none of us where at all disappointed by what CRW offered. Being based around a large marina / resort complex meant the walk from the docks to the room to the bars took about 3 minutes. Sailing in the harbor with significant tides flowing from 2 rivers meant we had to be very aware of the current as well as the wind. Having 2 of the 3 racing days provided breezes in the 15 to 25+ range made for some very exciting racing. Being about the lightest crew in the whole fleet also meant that getting the boat to weather required a lot of grunting but then the down-wind legs were a total blast and we would make up ground on much of the fleet.

Charleston_Race_Week_April_20093.jpgPhoto Credit Tony Chapman, AYC -Treasurer, 602 956-510

At the end of the day there were plentiful rum drinks and beer to help wind down. Additionally, the Viper fleet provided a lot of support and arranged a debrief session to provide tips from the guys finishing at the front of the pack. Thank you John and Stacey for making this happen – I cannot imagine a better way of putting tax season behind me for another year.

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