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Bartlett Lake Top Deck Party Boat Family Fun

All Aboard At Bartlett
Friends, Family, Food, Fun Filled The Day
By Carol L. Allen

Bartlett_Lake_Top_Deck_Party_Boat_Family_Fun6.JPGCarol Allen, Granddaughter Kelsee Haws

We’ve touted it before. And, we will again. That top-deck party boat at Bartlett Lake is THE place to have a party!

A few days before this issue of AZBW/WOT went to press, a group of us (ranging in age from 17 months to 71 years) boarded Barty Doll or Bartlett Belle (or whatever Bryan and Eric Church are going to name the craft) for an all-day cruise around beautiful Bartlett Lake.

Bartlett_Lake_Top_Deck_Party_Boat_Family_Fun5.JPG Fans Of Bartlett Lake

The day was a typical Arizona July scorcher, but underway, with the wind and water acting as one giant “swamp cooler,” we were all quite comfortable.

Of course we visited. Of course we ate (and ate) from our onboard picnic table. Of course we enjoyed the scenery and watching other boats, wake boarders, and tubers. But, the real highlights came with our stops.

Bartlett_Lake_Top_Deck_Party_Boat_Family_Fun4.JPGVivian Winter Chaser , Little Emma Bear

Almost everyone aboard tried the boat’s water slide. Hesitant at first, once down the slide and into the cool lake waters, the kids and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed their splash and swim. We also rented tubes from the marina, and several of our guests simply lazed around on those behind the boat.

Bartlett_Lake_Top_Deck_Party_Boat_Family_Fun1.JPGFrank, Lynn McWilliams, Glasgow, Scotland

Details about the top-deck party boat are available at Bartlett Lake Marina & Boat Club , or e-mail or just call Bartlett Lake Marina: (602) 316-3378.

Bartlett_Lake_Top_Deck_Party_Boat_Family_Fun3.JPGBartlett's Top-Deck Party Boat

But, the details are just those: details. The actual experience is the only way to know what an excellent time this boat offers. I can’t imagine a better venue than this for business gatherings, family celebrations and reunions, or just a great getaway with those who love the water.

Bartlett_Lake_Top_Deck_Party_Boat_Family_Fun2.JPG Caroline McWilliams, Glasgow, Scotland, And Kelsee Haws, Queen Creek, Ariz.

Editor’s Note: We thank all those at Bartlett Lake Marina for another wonderful day and for their caring, careful service to their guests. A special salute to Bryan and Eric Church and to Kyle, who made sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our cruise. Also, we are grateful for the photos provided by Rose Werner and her sister Bobbie Bennett.

Leslie_Thornton_DSCN0164.JPGLeslie Thornton 'Walks On Water'

Thomas_Bear_DSCN0165.JPGThomas Bear Before The Splash

Beating_The_Heat_DSCN0177.JPGBeating The Heat

Capt_Jim_Ready_To_SlideDSCN0175.JPG'Capt.' Jim Allen Ready To Slide

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