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Bartlett Lake’s Top Deck Party Boat Has New Look rent yacht Miami
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Bartlett Lake’s Top Deck Party Boat Has New Look

She’s Had A Face Lift!
By Carol L. Allen

Bartlett_Lake_Party_Boat.jpgNEW LOOK -- The top-deck party boat at Bartlett Lake has a new look. Arizona Color has given the cruise boat a facelift, and, as you can see, this good-looking "girl" is ready to party.

Contact Bartlett Lake Marina for scheduling details: (602) 316-3378.

Although she looks newer and brighter, thanks to her recent “wrap,” the top-deck party boat at Bartlett Lake offers the same kind of fun and convenience that she always has.

DSCI3249.JPG Top Deck

A group of our family and friends recently braved the July heat and spent the better part of a day cruising beautiful Bartlett Lake, picnicking aboard, and swimming in the cool water. As usual, the young ones (and the “young at heart”) delighted in plummeting down the boat’s water slide into the lake.

DSCI3292.JPGOn Board

Although most of us are Arizona residents, we also had on board guests from Glasgow, Scotland, and from Colorado. They all said this time on the party boat was an excellent way to beat Arizona’s summer heat.

DSCI3251.JPG Just Cruisin'

So, if you have not yet booked this experience, we urge you to try it — with family, with friends, with a group from your club or organization or office. Have an onboard party, complete with all the amenities you’ll ever need.

DSCI3268.JPG Underway

This two-story, 45-foot pontoon yacht is ideal for large parties looking for a great day at the lake.

Here are the details

• 25 passengers
• Top deck with patio furniture
• Sliding board
• Restroom
• Bar with sink
• Barbeque grill
• Life jackets

DSCF0042.JPG Cooling Off

Hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. For reservations, rate, and availability, call (602) 316.3378.

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