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Arizona State Parks New Hiking Trails

Arizona State Parks Board Designates 42 New Trails Into State Trails System

BlueDiamondHikingLogo.jpgPhoto Credit Padraic Ryan

The Arizona State Parks Board recently designated 42 trails from across Arizona as newly recognized State Trails System trails, adding more than 101 miles of trails to the State Trails System. Nominations for the State Trails System for next year are due July 1, 2010.

"In every corner of Arizona, the State Trails System helps connect Arizona families with the wonders of the outdoors," said Annie McVay, resource planner for Arizona State Parks. "These new State Trails System trails, built through partnerships with local communities, stakeholders and agencies will create new opportunities for fitness and stewardship, while creating a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren."

The Arizona State Trails System was established in the 1970s to recognize and promote non-motorized trails that are of special interest or significance to both Arizona's residents and visitors. Trails offer a wide variety of recreation opportunities from numerous federal, state agencies along with local municipalities, tribal lands and land trusts. The System currently contains over 750 trails and is nearing a total of 4,000 miles. For a list of all trails in the State Trails System and to learn more about the State Trails Program visit or

For 2009, the Arizona State Parks Board designated the following 42 trails into the State Trails System (listed by trail name, mileage, and trail manager):

Legends of Superior Trail, 6, Town of Superior

Black Canyon Heritage Park Interpretive Trail, 2, Black Canyon City Community Association

Garden Canyon Linear Park Trail, 4, City of Sierra Vista

Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail, 10.25, Anza Trail Coalition Estrella Mountain Regional Park, consisting of
Coldwater Trail, 2.9, Maricopa County
Gila Trail, 0.04, Maricopa County
Pederson Trail, 8.7, Maricopa County
Baseline Trail, 2.3, Maricopa County
Toothaker Trail, 3.7, Maricopa County

Usery Mountain Regional Park, consisting of
Moon Rock Trail, 1.4, Maricopa County
Spillway Trail, 1.2, Maricopa County
Ruidoso Trail, 1.3, Maricopa County
County Line Trail, 1, Maricopa County
Crimson Wash Trail, 1, Maricopa County
Amigos Wash Trail, 1.2, Maricopa County Levee Trail, 1.6 ,Maricopa County
Cat's Peak Trail, 3.1, Maricopa County

McDowell Mountain Regional Park, consisting of
Dixie Mine Trail, 5.6, Maricopa County
Granite Trail, 3.5, Maricopa County
North Trail, 2.9, Maricopa County
Scenic Trail, 3.5, Maricopa County
Bluff Trail, 2.2, Maricopa County
Nursery Tank Trail, 0.3, Maricopa County
Tonto Tank Trail, 2.7, Maricopa County

San Tan Mountain Park, consisting of
Littleleaf Trail, 0.7, Maricopa County
Hedgehog Trail ,0.9, Maricopa County
Stargazer Trail, 0.8, Maricopa County
Malpais Trail ,4.2,Maricopa County

White Tanks Regional Park, consisting of
Bajada Trail, 1, Maricopa County

Cave Creek Regional Park, consisting of
Flume Trail, 2.3, Maricopa County
Slate Trail, 1.6 ,Maricopa County

Spur Cross Regional Park, consisting of
Metate Trail ,0.8, Maricopa County
Dragonfly Trail, 1.9, Maricopa County
Elephant Mountain Trail, 2.,1 Maricopa County
Tortuga Trail, 1.2, Maricopa County

Williams Valley Trails System, consisting of
Valley Bike Trail, 2.8 ,Apache-Sitegreaves National Forest (NF)
Isolation Trail, 2.3, Apache-Sitegreaves NF
Half Moon Trail, 3.6 ,Apache-Sitegreaves NF
Yahoo Trail ,0.1, Apache-Sitegreaves NF
Lookout Meadow Loop ,1.3, Apache-Sitegreaves NF
High Road Trail, 0.4, Apache-Sitegreaves NF
Sidewinder Trail, 0.9, Apache-Sitegreaves NF

The State Trails System Vision Statement: Arizona's State Trails System is [an] invaluable resource, offering a diversity of quality nonmotorized trails that inspire people to experience the State's magnificent outdoor environment and cultural history.

Please call ahead to find out the latest information about the State Parks by calling (602) 542-4174 (outside of the Phoenix metro area call toll-free (800) 285-3703) or visit Follow us on

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