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AZBW Wins National Water Safety Congress Award

Safety First

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The 2010 National Water Safety Congress Awards Luncheon was held at the International Boating & Water Safety Summit in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Regional Awards were presented at the closing awards banquet.

Region Five - Ed Huntsman, Vice President

Awards of Merit

Arizona Boating and Watersports Magazine, Jim and Carol Allen,

Forever Resorts, Ed Swift, Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona

Awards Program

The National Water Safety Congress has an extensive award program to recognize those people who contribute to the safety of everyone who enjoys water recreation.

Each year the National Water Safety Congress (NWSC) presents awards at the annual International Boating and Water Safety Summit to selected individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to water safety during the previous year.

Recognition of those who contribute substantially to water safety is an encouraged to further promote water and boating safety, helping to reduce the number of drowning and boating accidents now occurring each year. Please research your area and nominate the most deserving individual or group for one of the awards.

NWSC's extensive award program recognizes the contributions of the many water safety professionals and dedicated volunteers. Please check out our award program and nominate anyone that you know has performed a laudable water safety act. This gives us all an opportunity to say "Thank You" and to inspire others to continue to give their best for water safety!

The following are a list of the number of NWSC Awards to be presented at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit:

National Award (one for the entire nation) -
Presented annually to an individual, organization, firm or agency that has made a significant contribution to water safety issues/programs on a NATIONAL scale.

Regional Award (six total - one per region) -
Presented annually to an Individual, organization, firm or agency that has contributed the most to water safety issues or programs within a region or, as a minimum, within a multi-state area (may cover more than one Region).

Award of Merit (29 total - see below) -
Awards are selected from nominees that the Regional Vice President believes made a significant contribution or an outstanding effort to enhance or promote water safety at the local or state level.

Number of Awards of Merit per region:
Region 1 - 6 Awards
Region 2 - 5 Awards
Region 3 - 6 Awards
Region 4 - 4 Awards
Region 5 - 4 Awards
Region 6 - 4 Awards

Letter of Commendation (27 total - see below) -
This award was established to recognize Councils, organizations, programs, activities, or individuals who have made life-time achievements or significant or outstanding accomplishments in promoting water safety that deserves special recognition by a national organization such as the NWSC.

Number of Letters of Commendation per region:
Region 1 - 6 Awards
Region 2 - 5 Awards
Region 3 - 4 Awards
Region 4 - 4 Awards
Region 5 - 4 Awards
Region 6 - 4 Awards

*Attendance is not required to be an award recipient and scholarships are generally available to those wishing to defray the cost of attending the Summit to be present at the Awards Luncheon.

Only one nomination should be submitted, however, additional submittals may be made in special cases. If two or more are submitted, please prioritize in order of preference for an award. Please complete and return a nomination form to your Regional Vice President.

Click here to find out how the regions are divided and to find your Regional Vice President's contact information.

Deadline for 2010 award nominations is December 15th 2009.

2010 Award Nomination Form is now available!

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