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TEMPE, Ariz. — Greater Phoenix area outdoor enthusiasts have become accustomed to reading (both in print and online) the familiar Arizona Boating & Watersports news magazine. The focus of the publication at the onset was boating and watersports.

However, due to popular demand and growing interest, the news magazine expanded its coverage to include not only boating and watersports, but also camping, fishing, hunting, RVing, and wildlife — as well as articles on safely and responsibly using our outdoor resources.

With this expanded coverage, the publisher and editor felt that the name of the newspaper needed to reflect the growth into new and varied content.

Therefore, advertisers, readers, and contributors will now see Western Outdoor Times at the top of the paper's banner. Underneath that main title, Arizona Boating & Watersports will continue to appear, thus reflecting the original branding of the paper.

It is the hope of the staff of Western Outdoor Times / Arizona Boating & Watersports that the publication will continue to enjoy its significant role in the lives of outdoor enthusiasts.

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