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January 2009

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This Weeks News March 8, 2009

AWARDED FREE Night In Bartlett Lake Aqua Lodge
To find out if you won go to www.azbw.com/Dinghy_Digest_Weekly_Award.php

FREE Bartlett Lake Boat Rental

Win a free boat rental from the Bartlett Boat Club. Just answer this question.
What is meant by a regulatory marker?

Questions and answers come from Arizona Boating Laws and Regulations At A Glance compiled by The Arizona Game and Fish Department

Be the FIRST to e-mail jim@azbw.com with the answer and you will win a one day boat rental. Boat rental based on availability.

For more information about The Bartlett Lake Boat Club and Bartlett Lake Marina go to www.azbw.com/Bartlett_Lake_Boat_Club.php

E-mail jim@azbw.com if you would like to sponsor the Dinghy Digest weekly contest. Sponsors receive great continous coverage throughout the year by sponsoring just one Dinghy Digest contest. And don't forget there is one very happy winner coming to visit your business.

Winners may put a link to their business or favorite charity on their winners announcement on the Arizona Boating & Watersports web site. Announcements remain on the web site throughout the year.

New Products

Traditional lumber docks require labor-intensive installations and constant maintenance. The attractive TrueDeck Woodbeam� Panels from True Harbor offer all the advantages of light-weight, polymer panels with the beautiful appearance of wood planks. To see the rest of this story and check out more new products go to www.azbw.com/New_Products.php.


Shows & Events List

Parker Area Tourism
PWC Regional Championships Blue Water Resort and Casino &mdash March 28 and 29
SCSC Spring Powerboat Classic Blue Water Resort and Casino &mdash April 18 and 19
13th Annual Parker Open Golf Tournament Emerald Canyon Golf Course
Blue Water Resort and Casino &mdash April 25 through 27
Parker Area Tourism, Parker, AZ 928.669.6511 www.parkerareatourism.com.

Arizona Yacht Club Updates
Special Showing of Roy Disney Sailing Film. Robbie Haines &mdash April 21st
For the complete stories please go to www.azbw.com/Arizona_Yacht_Club_Updates.php

AZGFD 2009 Outdoor Expo &mdash March 28th & 29th.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department presents its popular outdoor expo at the Ben Avery Shooting facility in North Phoenix.
www.azgfd.gov/expo www.azbw.com/pdfs/AZGFD_Expo09_flyer.pdf

Boat BASH 3 &mdash April 2, 2009 5pm to 7pm
The Bay Club Hotel and Marina
For More Information www.azbw.com/pdfs/Boat_Bash_3_San_Diego.pdf

Tempe Music Festival &mdash April 3 & 4

2009 Desert Storm Performance Boating, Lake Havsau City, AZ &mdash April 23 through 26, 2009

This year will feature a Street Party Boat Show Thursday night consisting of over 100 wild and fast performance boats from 22 to 51 feet. Vendors and business are welcome to come and display their wares for a small fee.

For the complete story go to

Firebird International Raceway &mdash April 25th & 26th
Monster Truck Nationals and Lakefest

Family Fun, Awesome Power and Blazing Speed Converge at Upcoming 11th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Monster Truck Nationals and Lakefest
For the complete story please go to

Monterey Bass Company Tournaments
Check out their schedule at azbasszone.com/mbc2006/mbchome.php

Tri State Boating Safety Fair - Lake Havasu
Big Boys & Their Toys &mdash June 19, 20 & 21, 2009
San Carlos Yacht Club Labor Day Fishing Tournament

Day At The Docks &mdash April 19, 2009

Scuba Adventure Day &mdash May 2, 2009 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. &mdash Lake Pleasant Regional Park 602.372.7460, ext. 200 or visit www.maricopa.gov/lake_pleasant
Divers and non-divers are invited to come and check out the latest equipment, gear and information from local dive shops at one of the most popular dive locations in Valley. Drawings for exotic diving trips and prizes. PADI certified divers are encouraged to join the Underwater Treasure Hunt. Event is free with paid park admission.

Arizona Safe Boating Celebration — May 22 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. — Lake Pleasant Regional Park 602.372.7460, ext. 200 or visit www.maricopa.gov/lake_pleasant.

Make sure your family is safe on your watercraft this season. Receive a discount on your next park entry with your FREE vessel safety check. No citations will be issued during inspections. You may receive many of the items you need to for compliance absolutely free.

Receive information about Arizona boating laws,
Find out how to protect your boat and the environment from Quagga mussels
Learn about the hidden dangers of Carbon Monoxide, and more.

Dana Point Harbor Boat Show Dana Harbor, CA &mdash May 28, 29, 30, 31, 2009 323.655.2010 www.danaboatshow.com Monterey Bass Company * Seniors - April 4, 2009 @ Bartlett Lake - Jojoba Ramp * Young Guns - April 5, 2009 @ Bartlett Lake - Jojoba Ramp * Pro/Am and Couples - April 11, 2009 @ Lake Pleasant - Marina South Ramp * Super Teams - April 25, 2009 @ Roosevelt Lake - Cholla Ramp http://www.montereybass.com/

Protect-A-Park — It�s time to get involved and give your land a hand — Lake Pleasant Regional Park 602.372.7460, ext. 200 or visit www.maricopa.gov/lake_pleasant. Boaters, anglers, and divers needed to adopt shoreline areas and coves for regular litter removal in 2009.

Check out Downstream for a more complete list of shows and events.

Special Boat Sale

This beautiful 2009 Skeeter ZX190 is only $22,495 now at Open Throttle Marine.
Your going to hate yourself if you miss this great bargain.


Sunsail Antigua
By Josephine Tucci
What do most sailors do on their vacations? Sail, of course! But what if your holiday companion can't or won't sail? Or you want to take small children? Or you simply fancy a change from your usual sailing vacation?

A Sunsail beach resort could be the answer. This year, four of us decided to go on holiday together, but had a typical sailors' dilemma. Three of us wanted to do nothing but race dinghies for the whole two weeks, but the fourth wanted to do anything but. We convinced our friends that Sunsail Club Colonna in Antigua was the ideal place for a winter holiday. It's a dinghy sailor's paradise as the island lies in the tradewind belt, guaranteeing decent winds from dawn till sundown. For beginners and improvers there are free group lessons and paid-for individual tuition. For non - sailors there's mountain biking, tennis, swimming pool, a gym and spa, and two sandy beaches, and if you have children they�ll be well looked after in the popular kids� clubs. For the complete story go to www.azbw.com/Sunsail_Club_Antigua.php or Visit Sunsail at www.sunsail.com/clubs/offers?show=all

North American Championships (BNAC) Coming to Mission Bay
Look Out, San Diego! The Buccs Are Coming! The Buccs Are Coming!
By Emory Heisler &mdash Arizona Yacht Club

ARRRRRR! Well, they aren't the British, that's for sure!
June 21-26, the Buccaneer 18 Fleet of " pirates" and their North American Championships (BNAC) will be coming to Mission Bay and will be hosted by Mission Bay Yacht Club.

MBYC, San Diego, and the "Left Coast" will be hosting BNAC for the first time in Buccaneer 18 Class' 40–year history. If you haven't seen a Bucc 18 in San Diego, it's not too much of a surprise. The Buccaneer 18 has been mostly a "Right Half" of the country boat as a result of its Chrysler "roots." For the complete story go to www.azbw.com/Buccaneer_18_Fleet.php

Corner For Kids

She Remembers A Gentle Sea And The River Seine
By Caroline McWilliams
Glasgow, Scotland

Last April I went to France and Belgium with my school. There was lots of water involved.

We drove in a coach to Hull. We got on a ferry there. It was quite nice. The rooms were small but clean. It was very windy and rainy that day, basically all over the country.

For lunch we had stopped at a school called Stonyhurst, which is just about the biggest anywhere, and it was raining there too.

For the complete story go to www.azbw.com/The_River_Seine.php


How To Fish A Split - Shot Rig
by John Anderson — AZBW Arizona Angling Editor

The rise in popularity of the drop - shot technique has put split - shotting on the back burner for many anglers. In many ways, drop - shotting is much easier; with a drop - shot rig, the bait is between you and the weight, so you feel the fish before you feel the weight.

But, a drop - shot rig is primarily a vertical presentation — something you use when you already know the fish are down there. With a split - shot rig, you can move around more and search for the fish. It just works too darned well to give up entirely, especially when it's so tough that nothing else seems to catch fish.

Arizona split - shot expert Gregg Warne says, »I can't tell you how many times I've gone down a bank right after another angler and caught fish that he missed. When the bite is tough, people start to get desperate, and they tend to go faster without really meaning to, trying to find and catch some fish.»

For the complete story with photo go to www.azbw.com/split-shot-rigging-tackle/


Ammunition Accountability Act
News From The Field Is News From The Field Is " Write On Target"
Delete That E-Mail; Check Out These Geese

By Margie Anderson
Have you gotten a frantic e-mail alerting you to legislation that would require manufacturers to put ID numbers on both bullets and casings? What they want is to have each box of "handgun and assault weapon" ammo to be so labeled � each box of ammo would have a unique number, and the buyer would be required to present a driver�s license and have his/her name and other info recorded in case the bullets or brass were found at the scene of a crime. For the complete article go to www.azbw.com/Ammunition_Accountability_Act.php

New Apprentice Hunting License Offers "Test Drive" At No Cost � Effective January 1 the Arizona Game & Fish Department began offering a new �Apprentice Hunting License� at no charge to encourage existing hunters to become mentors and introduce a friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker to the traditions and importance of hunting. www.hunter-ed.com/az

Rock The Boat & Superstition Search & Rescue Update

AZBW welcomes Chris Craft Scorpion number two into the Rock The Boat project. This week we were able to pick up the second Scorpion to add to the Rock The Boat project. Glenn Cate and Brad of Scottsdale Marine Center www.scottsdalemarine.com made arrangement with one of their long time customers to donate a 1984 Chris Craft Scorpion to the Rock The Boat project. Our thanks to Warner Gable, his family and Scottsdale Marine Center.

p>This week found the RTB motorhome at Community Tire for new tires. Community tire put new tires on the motorhome and the trailer for the new Scorpion. Community Tire and Automotive Specialists www.communitytireaz.com is a family owned tire shop with six locations around the valley. https://www.azbw.com/Rock_The_Boat_Update_031509.php

For the complete story go to www.azbw.com/Rock_The_Boat_Update_031509.php

RV & Camping

Wildlife Web Site Provides New Adventures Everyday � Watching wildlife is one of the most economical recreational activities families can do together. Visitors come to Arizona from around the world to see the diversity of animal species living in the Sonoran desert, the tops of the mountainous sky islands or in the vast northern regions of the Colorado River plateau. Visit the new website at www.azwatchablewildlife.org


" Frozen Watersports" Season Begins In Arizona
Contact Darryl Horsman if you are interested in participating in the amazing sport of curling in 2009. The 12 week winter league began this month. Partnering with the Phoenix Coyotes, the Coyotes Curling Club has vouchers for hockey games at a reduced price. www.coyotescurling.com

Boat For Sale

List Your Boat Here jim@azbw.com
48� Uniflite Sportfisher 2 bait tanks/ teak/ sleeps 6/ new interior/ hd top/ outriggers/ turn key condition

Public Service

Arizona Heritage Alliance

Letter To The Editor - Work On State Parks Heritage Fund Grant Projects Stopped
From — Arizona Heritage Alliance mail@azheritage.org
To — Arizona Boating & Watersports:
Sent — Thursday, February 05, 2009 2:41 PM
Subject — All work on State Parks Heritage Fund grant projects has been stopped.

You are aware the Arizona State Legislature is in the process of resolving a $1.5 billion dollar budget shortfall for the remainder of fiscal year 2009 and a $3.5 billion dollar shortfall for 2010.

We realize all state agencies are being hit hard, but the impact on Arizona State Parks will be crippling and ALL of the State Parks administered state-funded grant programs have been discontinued until further notice — this includes Heritage Fund grants.

All work on State Parks Heritage Fund grant projects has been stopped effective February 1, 2009. Until we hear otherwise, Heritage Fund grants that were awarded last year and have started construction or reconstruction are to CEASE.

This is not the first time the legislature has tried to raid Heritage Funds from Arizona State Parks. Thanks to you and thousands of other Arizonans who contacted their legislators in the past, we were able to stave off 30 plus such raids. But this time they did it under the guise of balancing the budget deficit that no one had the chance to make them stop and think about the consequences.

Read the rest of the story and find out what you can do to help. Go to

Odds n Ends

Did You Know #8926;
Peel a banana from the bottom and you won' t have to pick the little ' stringy things' off of it. That' s how the primates do it.

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