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The Personal Retriever by Life Safer

Personal Retriever

The Life Safer Personal Retriever™ is a United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved, state-of-the-art, throw able Personal Flotation Device (PFD) developed to enable first responders ashore or afloat the ability to quickly retrieve people from the water or from frozen rivers, lakes and streams.

Call Toll-Free: (888) 222-0373 to order yours today.


We are now taking orders for the second printing of Icy Cold Was The Summer by Carol L. Allen.

Beginning in the United Kingdom, moving to Arizona, and ending in San Diego, Calif., this novella of twisted fate and events is based on a true, chilling story.

$17.95 U.S.

$19.95 Canadian.

Send orders/queries to












Make everyone happy!

De-Fishing Soap

Jamicha Soap Company has found the way with their DE-FISHING SOAP. Tired of tasting your bait when you stop for that PB & J??

Wonder why you get the evil eye when you put the cutting board back after filleting your catch.?? Jamicha’s De-Fishing soap will neutralize the fish smell on your hands; just lather scrub rinse and repeat.

Fish stink, you don’t have to. Scrubbing off the cutting board becomes a snap. Also masks human odors. Keep a small chunk in your tackle box, rub on your fingers before you tie your knots and see what happens.

 We all love catching fish but hate that look when we reach out to touch our family after a great day and they crinkle up their noses and point us away…..

Great gifts for all your fishing friends!  Your family will love you for it  All Jamicha Soaps are sold in 6 packs to save you money. $35.00per six pack. The six pack price includes your 6 bars of De-Fishing Soap, Priority Mail shipping, tax and handling. Delivered right to your door.

Paypal check or money ordering available at  just click the order button and follow simple instructions!  Wholesale interests contact Michelle@JamichaSoaps,com  for further information.

We'd like to also introduce you to our Irish gifts.

Why Waterford and Belleek? Ok, here's the lame answer. When you return home from that $5,000 fishing trip down to Baja, you'll want to give the Missus something SHE will like. It eases the guilt just a wee bit.

The real answer is... our webmaster, Jim Kelly, misses the old sod so we've let him have his way with you.


Waterford Butterfly Vase

Waterford Butterfly Vase

Waterford crystal is, perhaps, the most famous Irish brand world wide (next to Guinness, of course).

Originally known as "Penrose Glass," Waterford crystal was first made by the brothers George and William Penrose in 1783.

The brothers knew the secret of mingling minerals and glass to create crystal like no other and their techniques are still used today.

When tapped, it sings sweetly like an Irish tenor. When touched, it feels warm and soft like an Irish lass.

Yet Waterford Crystal possesses the strength and durability of the Celtic people, themselves.

If yourself should purchase Waterford Stemware you will find comfort in knowing the company never discontinues a pattern. This is unique in its class.

We recommend buying Waterford from a reputable outlet (like Cash's of Ireland) and having it shipped to you rather then collecting it there and carrying it around the country.

Sure, it's not as fragile as a lad's heart, but it can still break.

Click here to shop for Waterford Crystal

Belleek China

8 inch Tara Vase

The mystery of the Orient combines with the charm of Ireland in Belleek China.

During the time of Tha Shein Ukrosh (the Hunger) in 19th Century Ireland, John Caldwell Bloomfield, the owner of Castlecaldwell started earthenware pottery production in the Rose Isle section of the village, Belleek. His purpose was to find employment for the people of his community and help them in their time of need.

You see, the famine claimed most of its victims because they had no money to buy the basic comforts of life. In fact, newspaper articles of the time tell of families living and dying in cold earthen hovels because they did not have the few p's needed to buy turf so they could heat their homes. The weather was as much an enemy as was the hunger.

Out of this misery came the beauty of Belleek.

14 craftsmen were brought from Stoke-on-Trent, England, and local lads were hired to work in the factory. A railway was built to the town and the production of high-quality earthenware began.

Porcelain was featured by Belleek for the first time at the Dublin Exposition of 1872 and it became an instant success. Parian china is now treasured the world over.

In an eerie twist of fate, the Belleek Pottery Group acquired Aynsley China in Stoke-on-Trent, England, in 1997.

Today, Belleek produces some of the finest porcelain made and most pieces feature the trademark shamrock symbol. 

Click here to shop for Belleek China

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