Waterscapes In The Year 2018

By Jim Allen

The year was 2018.

In 1992 the most productive nation in the world admitted that one in every five children lived in poverty. Never in the history of America had such a figure existed.

The illiteracy rate had climbed to such proportions that poverty was destined to rise at an alarming rate and with it, violent crime. Violence was everywhere.

Your home wasn't safe, the streets weren't safe, and you were not safe driving through small towns that once boasted, "We don't lock our doors at night."

From the 1990s into the first few years of the new century, political structures all over the world caved into the greed and influence of a few power brokers.

Armed violence was everywhere. Every country was waging its own private war with dissidents. Terrorism was an everyday occurrence.

This all ended in 2007. 2007 was the year that brought on the "big one" -- the earthquake that had been predicted for decades.

It did not happen in California, although California was affected, as was every other place in the world. The "big one" occurred in..........

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